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Curtailed Jumping

Gizmo asleep on the bedDoesn’t Gizmo look sweet sleeping on the bed?

Well, don’t you believe it for a minute.

It’s all a ruse – a clever disguise.

There’s nothing sweet about Gizmo.

Here’s what’s been going on.

You see, it’s my job to get my person up in the morning.

When it’s time for her to get out of bed I start jumping – right next to the bed.

And sometimes my front paws land right on the bed.

And it works.

Because I keep jumping till my person gets up.

I’m persistent that way.

She can’t ignore me like she ignores her alarm clock.

But a couple days ago Gizmo was sleeping on the end of my person’s bed when I started jumping.

And he took a big swipe at me – claws and all.

So when Gizmo’s on the bed I don’t dare jump anymore.


I’m taking my life in my paws if I do.

Gizmo awake on the bed

Look at him. He’s awake now.

He doesn’t look so sweet and innocent anymore, does he?

He’s probably thinking about swiping at me with those claws of his.

Bongo on the floor - Gizmo on the bed

Hey person, I think you’d better ban Gizmo from your bed.

Otherwise, I’m taking no blame if you don’t get up on time.


Note from Bongo’s person: Gizmo is staying on the bed.


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Jumping Dog

Bongo profile on the trailI’m sure you can tell by this picture that I’m a very calm, peaceful dog.

Those of you who know me know that I am anyway.

I never get in trouble. I never do anything wrong.

Sometimes I get blamed for things but it’s always Scratchy’s fault.

I’m the perfect dog.

But my person says I used to be different when they first got me.

I used to jump – a lot.


Well, I still jump sometimes but only when I want someone’s attention.

Especially if they are ignoring me.

But I think my person is mistaken about jumping a lot.

She says she has proof.

But you really can’t tell who that dog is in the video.

I think she blurred it on purpose so everybody would think it was me.

So check it out.

You can’t tell who that dog in the video is.

It is not me!

Watch it again.


Well, they left me outside and I had to see what I was missing out on.


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Jumping or Loves

Bongo getting ready to jumpWoo woo! My younger person came home for another visit.

Hey Younger Person, what is it you want me to do? Don’t you think you should put your hands down and give me some loves?








Bongo starting to jump

Okay fine. You’re going to make me work for those loves? I have to come up to your hands? Hey, what is that thing you’re holding anyway? Guess I’d better take a closer look.

Bongo Jumping

Come on. You’re not giving me a chance. I’m trying to check that thing out and you’re making it go further away.

Your hand has got to get tired sometime. If I keep jumping I’ll eventually catch it.

Bongo in the air

Never mind. You can keep your hand up there. This jumping thing is fun!

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Hose Jumping

Bongo in the air jumping for the hoseMy neighbor is the best. He plays with me and runs his hose just for me so I can jump up to drink the water. This is one of my most absolute favorite things to do.

Actually, I want to put in a good word for gardens because for some reason when people have them they get their hoses out more often. I’m not sure what it is about gardens that make people get their hoses out, but I sure have great fun when they do.

Sometimes I catch all the water in my mouth when it comes out of the hose, and sometimes it’s just fun to jump after it. Someone once called me the happy jumping dog. I guess this is why – I love to jump. And when there’s water involved it’s all the more fun.

Back to my neighbor though – I’m not sure what kind of water is coming out of his hose, but there’s something really strange about it. It’s making my eyes glow.

Bongo's eyes glowing


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