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Not My Mischief

Bongo sitting next to the bedSomebody has been up to mischief.

And it’s not me.

Because I’m the perfect dog.

So here’s the story.

It was night, and at night I always sleep on the floor next to my person’s bed.

I’m nice and quiet all night and never bother anybody.

Sometimes I get bothered.

Like when somebody wants to leave the room in the dark and the door hits my nose.

I’ve got to sleep by the door in order to guard it.


But Gizmo – remember him?

Well Gizmo sleeps right on top of my person’s bed.

I don’t know why she lets him do it, but she does.

And Gizmo always wakes my person up in the wee hours of the morning because he has to go out and do whatever he has to do.

That’s usually when the door hits my nose.

But Gizmo got that mischief bug in him last night.

He woke my person up and she got up to let him out of the room.

But he didn’t go out.

Instead he found a new spot on the bed.

Gizmo on an unmade bed

My person’s spot.

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Curtailed Jumping

Gizmo asleep on the bedDoesn’t Gizmo look sweet sleeping on the bed?

Well, don’t you believe it for a minute.

It’s all a ruse – a clever disguise.

There’s nothing sweet about Gizmo.

Here’s what’s been going on.

You see, it’s my job to get my person up in the morning.

When it’s time for her to get out of bed I start jumping – right next to the bed.

And sometimes my front paws land right on the bed.

And it works.

Because I keep jumping till my person gets up.

I’m persistent that way.

She can’t ignore me like she ignores her alarm clock.

But a couple days ago Gizmo was sleeping on the end of my person’s bed when I started jumping.

And he took a big swipe at me – claws and all.

So when Gizmo’s on the bed I don’t dare jump anymore.


I’m taking my life in my paws if I do.

Gizmo awake on the bed

Look at him. He’s awake now.

He doesn’t look so sweet and innocent anymore, does he?

He’s probably thinking about swiping at me with those claws of his.

Bongo on the floor - Gizmo on the bed

Hey person, I think you’d better ban Gizmo from your bed.

Otherwise, I’m taking no blame if you don’t get up on time.


Note from Bongo’s person: Gizmo is staying on the bed.


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Scratchy, Get Off!

Bongo caught lying in his kennelI have this really cool new dog bed in my dog jail.

But now I have a problem.

You see, I still have an old dog bed.

Right now my old bed has a hole in it, so my person put it by the sewing machine until she gets around to fixing that hole.

But Scratchy decided to take over my bed.



Scratchy sleeping on Bongo's bed

 Scratchy, can’t you see that’s a dog bed?

Those are dog paw prints on that bed – not cat prints.

I don’t believe this!

Scratchy gets to sleep anywhere he wants.

He can sleep on any of the couches and even on my person’s bed.

I’m only allowed to sleep on the floor and on my dog beds.

Somehow I feel like a second class citizen.

I only have two dog beds to sleep on and Scratchy has all those nice, comfy places to sleep – and he decides to sleep on one of my beds.

Scratchy, if you don’t hurry up and get off my bed I’m going to give you what for.


I guess that did it.

I scared him off that time.

Scratchy sitting in front of the computer screen

That’s a much better place for Scratchy. Right in front of the computer screen.

Oh, wait. I hope my person has finished typing up my blog post.


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Jail Bed

Bongo sleeping in his kennelHmmm. This new dog bed that showed up in my dog jail on Christmas is really comfy.

I hope my person doesn’t catch me sleeping on it.

She might think I like my dog jail.

I might get locked up in here even more than I do now.

Zzzzzzzzz. What a nice place for a nap.




What? What was that?

I think a light just flashed.

I hope it’s not lightning – because that means the next thing coming is thunderrrrrr!

Whew! It’s too quiet for thunder.

Maybe I’d better open an eye and see what it was.

Oh no! My person is there holding her camera.

If I turn my back to her maybe she won’t notice I’m sleeping in here.

Bongo turned away in the kennel

Person, you don’t see me in here.

I was not sleeping in here.

I just came in because – because –

Because one of my toys got in here somehow and I had to come in to get it.

Scratchy must have put it in here.

Really person, really.

Bongo caught lying in his kennel

You’ll never catch me sleeping in here with the door open.


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Not Me

Bongo near a messy bedHey person, you forgot to make your bed this morning. You’d better make it. It looks pretty messy.

What in the world are you talking about?

You’re trying to blame me because you didn’t make your bed?

I’m not even allowed on your bed. My bed’s down on the floor next to yours. I might mess my bed up, but I would never mess yours up.





An unmade bed

I don’t know why there’s a pillow and a blanket right where you sleep. Maybe you slept on top of them.

How would you know if you slept on them or not? You were asleep.

Well, if you didn’t mess up your bed like that then it must have been Scratchy. You let him sleep on the bed.

How come you let Scratchy sleep on the bed and not me?

Scratchy on bed with Bongo below

That is totally unfair. You’re showing favoritism to cats.

That’s what you get for it. Scratchy got on your bed while you were gone and totally messed it up.

I wasn’t going to tell, but he’s just gone too far this time.

What do you mean, you don’t believe me? Of course Scratchy did it.

Bongo looking innocent in front of the messy bed

Look into my eyes, person. I did not mess up that bed.

That bed is not even messed up. What you see is a perfectly well made bed.

You will get into bed like normal tonight, without noticing anything awry.


What do you mean, this isn’t working?

I didn’t do it. Really.

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Happy Festival of Sleep Day

Bongo SleepingToday is Festival of Sleep Day. This day happens January 3rd every year and it’s creating quite a dilemma for me.

I want to make sure I do it right, and that means I have to find just the right place to sleep.





Bongo on the bed

The most obvious place would be my person’s bed. But for some reason unknown to me I get kicked off her bed anytime she finds me there. I guess I won’t get much sleep on the bed today.

Bongo on the Couch

The couch would be another great place to sleep, but it seems to have the same problem as the bed. I know some of my friends are allowed on couches. I’d appreciate any helpful hints on how you convinced your people to let you do this.

Living Room Sleeping

I could sleep in the living room – right in the middle of everything, so my people will have to walk around me all the time.

Bongo and Scratchy on the floor

But then Scratchy might come and hang out next to me.

Summer Sleeping Spot

The bathroom is a nice, out of the way place. No one bothers me in there – well, not very often that is. And the tiles are nice and cool. They feel good when it’s hot. Oh, wait. This is January. Cool tiles are not good now..

Bongo in the sunny spot with Scratchy behind him

That settles it. I’m sleeping in the sunny spot.


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Jumping on the Bed

Maybe she'll get out of bed for my snake

Maybe she'll get out of bed for my snake.

When I want to get attention I jump. My people have a really hard time ignoring me when I’m jumping. When I want to get my person out of bed in the morning I jump right next to her bed. Then I jump again – and I jump three or four more times. Sometimes that doesn’t work and she rolls over and tries to ignore me. Then I jump onto her bed. She usually gets mad at me then and tries to push me off. I jump right back on. Eventually all this jumping gets through to her and she gets up and lets me outside and then feeds me.

After I’ve taken care of business and had my breakfast I feel really good and find a comfy spot and go back to sleep. I don’t know why my person doesn’t do the same. I get worn out from all my jumping, but I guess it doesn’t affect her the same way.


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