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Not My Mischief

Bongo sitting next to the bedSomebody has been up to mischief.

And it’s not me.

Because I’m the perfect dog.

So here’s the story.

It was night, and at night I always sleep on the floor next to my person’s bed.

I’m nice and quiet all night and never bother anybody.

Sometimes I get bothered.

Like when somebody wants to leave the room in the dark and the door hits my nose.

I’ve got to sleep by the door in order to guard it.


But Gizmo – remember him?

Well Gizmo sleeps right on top of my person’s bed.

I don’t know why she lets him do it, but she does.

And Gizmo always wakes my person up in the wee hours of the morning because he has to go out and do whatever he has to do.

That’s usually when the door hits my nose.

But Gizmo got that mischief bug in him last night.

He woke my person up and she got up to let him out of the room.

But he didn’t go out.

Instead he found a new spot on the bed.

Gizmo on an unmade bed

My person’s spot.

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Moving the Covers

Bongo and the Messed Up BedI don’t get it. When my person gets out of bed in the morning she covers it up with the extra blankets. Sometimes she does it before she’ll even feed me breakfast. Doesn’t she understand what a waste it is? When she gets back in bed at night she moves all those blankets out of the way. If she’d just left them there in the morning she wouldn’t have to do that.

I figured out a plan. I can’t do it when my person is in the house because I’ll get yelled at. I’m not supposed to be on her bed. But as soon as she leaves to go somewhere I move all those blankets out of the way for her. I have to get on her bed to do it, but I’m sure she won’t mind. After all, I’m doing her a favor.

Sometimes I get yelled at when my person comes back home. I don’t get it. I try to help out and I get in trouble. I guess I can’t complain. Moving those covers out of the way is a lot of fun.


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Bedroom Access

I made Scratchy run

I made Scratchy run

At night I usually sleep in the bedroom with one of my people. My bed is in her room and sometimes I sleep on that but more often I stretch out on the carpet. Scratchy doesn’t like to go into the bedroom at night because my person shuts her door and Scratchy likes to have free access to his litter box. I guess it’s too much for him to wake up our person and wait for her to get up and open the door for him. I don’t have any problems with that. I usually don’t need to get up at night but if I do I make sure my person gets up and lets me out. I don’t let up until she does.

In the morning Scratchy usually decides he wants to join us in the bedroom, so what does he do? He claws on the carpet outside the bedroom door. Our person gets out of bed, opens the door, and then gets back in bed. Scratchy comes in at his leisure and our person lets him get on her bed. He just clawed up the carpet and she lets him get on her bed. She never lets me get on the bed and I’m much better than Scratchy.

This morning I decided to do something about it. I posted myself near the door and when Scratchy started coming in I stood up as if I was going to chase him. Scratchy ran. That was fun. I waited for Scratchy to come back but he never did – so I decided to get my person out of bed instead.

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