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Happy Festival of Sleep Day

Bongo SleepingToday is Festival of Sleep Day. This day happens January 3rd every year and it’s creating quite a dilemma for me.

I want to make sure I do it right, and that means I have to find just the right place to sleep.





Bongo on the bed

The most obvious place would be my person’s bed. But for some reason unknown to me I get kicked off her bed anytime she finds me there. I guess I won’t get much sleep on the bed today.

Bongo on the Couch

The couch would be another great place to sleep, but it seems to have the same problem as the bed. I know some of my friends are allowed on couches. I’d appreciate any helpful hints on how you convinced your people to let you do this.

Living Room Sleeping

I could sleep in the living room – right in the middle of everything, so my people will have to walk around me all the time.

Bongo and Scratchy on the floor

But then Scratchy might come and hang out next to me.

Summer Sleeping Spot

The bathroom is a nice, out of the way place. No one bothers me in there – well, not very often that is. And the tiles are nice and cool. They feel good when it’s hot. Oh, wait. This is January. Cool tiles are not good now..

Bongo in the sunny spot with Scratchy behind him

That settles it. I’m sleeping in the sunny spot.


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The Sunny Spot

Scratchy in the Sunny SpotThere’s only one room in our house that gets a good sunny spot. And it’s the room that my people haven’t been spending much time in.

So for a long time I didn’t even notice that sunny spot. I was busy doing my dog duty and hanging around where my people are.

After all, they might need me to protect them from something.

But Scratchy isn’t such a dutiful cat.

He hangs out in that sunny spot even when nobody else is in the room. And to make it worse, he leaves clumps of his fur there. I guess he’s trying to claim that spot as his territory.

Well, my person went into that sunny spot room to pick up all Scratchy’s territory claiming furballs, and I followed her.

And I discovered something. I discovered the sunny spot and now it’s mine.

Bongo and Scratchy in the Sunny Spot

Scratchy, I’ll let you have a little corner of my new sunny spot. But only when the spot’s big.

And don’t you go leaving any of your furballs anywhere near here.


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