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Jail Bed

Bongo sleeping in his kennelHmmm. This new dog bed that showed up in my dog jail on Christmas is really comfy.

I hope my person doesn’t catch me sleeping on it.

She might think I like my dog jail.

I might get locked up in here even more than I do now.

Zzzzzzzzz. What a nice place for a nap.




What? What was that?

I think a light just flashed.

I hope it’s not lightning – because that means the next thing coming is thunderrrrrr!

Whew! It’s too quiet for thunder.

Maybe I’d better open an eye and see what it was.

Oh no! My person is there holding her camera.

If I turn my back to her maybe she won’t notice I’m sleeping in here.

Bongo turned away in the kennel

Person, you don’t see me in here.

I was not sleeping in here.

I just came in because – because –

Because one of my toys got in here somehow and I had to come in to get it.

Scratchy must have put it in here.

Really person, really.

Bongo caught lying in his kennel

You’ll never catch me sleeping in here with the door open.


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Happy Festival of Sleep Day

Bongo SleepingToday is Festival of Sleep Day. This day happens January 3rd every year and it’s creating quite a dilemma for me.

I want to make sure I do it right, and that means I have to find just the right place to sleep.





Bongo on the bed

The most obvious place would be my person’s bed. But for some reason unknown to me I get kicked off her bed anytime she finds me there. I guess I won’t get much sleep on the bed today.

Bongo on the Couch

The couch would be another great place to sleep, but it seems to have the same problem as the bed. I know some of my friends are allowed on couches. I’d appreciate any helpful hints on how you convinced your people to let you do this.

Living Room Sleeping

I could sleep in the living room – right in the middle of everything, so my people will have to walk around me all the time.

Bongo and Scratchy on the floor

But then Scratchy might come and hang out next to me.

Summer Sleeping Spot

The bathroom is a nice, out of the way place. No one bothers me in there – well, not very often that is. And the tiles are nice and cool. They feel good when it’s hot. Oh, wait. This is January. Cool tiles are not good now..

Bongo in the sunny spot with Scratchy behind him

That settles it. I’m sleeping in the sunny spot.


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