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The Real Gift of Christmas

Bongo's presents on top of the fridgeChristmas is almost here and I’m getting really excited. Our tree is up, the lights are on, and I’m looking for the presents. I keep hearing that Santa will bring me presents, but I think I saw my person putting some good smelling things all wrapped in brightly colored paper on top of the fridge.

I’m a pretty good jumper, but I wish I could jump just a little bit higher. All the good stuff that doesn’t go into the fridge seems to go on top of it. If I could get up there I could have a treat feast.

But there’s something else I wish I could do besides jump higher. I wish I could sneak back in time – not too far back, just a little over 2000 years. That’s not asking much, is it?

And I’d like to go to a place called Bethlehem. A little baby was born there one night. Well, I guess lots of babies were born there, but this one was special. This little baby was wrapped in cloths and laid in a manger because the inn was full and his parents had nowhere else to go except for where the animals hung out.

Since there were animals there already I’m sure no one would notice one extra dog in the place. Especially when those shepherds showed up. Everybody would figure I was one of their sheepdogs. Well maybe. I could have pretended I was a sheepdog anyway.

Even if I had to change my appearance so I could pass as a sheepdog, travel back in time, and go to a faraway place, it would be all worth it to see God making his appearance on earth as a baby.


Hey person, I think I knocked a ball onto the top of the fridge. Could you get it for me, and maybe knock some of those presents down while you’re at it?

What are you saying, person? The true gift of Christmas is Jesus? That baby in a manger is the gift? Never mind then. I guess Jesus isn’t hanging out on top of the fridge.


“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16






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