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National Mole Day

Drawing of a moleToday is National Mole Day. I’m not a mole but I thought it might be good to support other animoles.

And the theme this year is AniMOLE Kingdom. That includes me too – I think.

I do have one thing in common with moles.



We both like to dig.

Bongo digging in the yard

But we don’t have any moles living around here, so I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to celebrate.

It’s kind of hard to have a mole party when there aren’t any moles to party with.

Maybe I could change the day to National Gopher Day.

We have lots of gophers around here and they like to dig holes too.

Bongo checking out a gopher hole

Now all I’ve got to do is gather up some gophers and start the party.

If I can find any, that is.

I’ve never seen a gopher.

They’re always hiding in their holes.

Maybe I’ll go dig a few out. That sounds like fun.

I’ll be back in awhile. Once I’ve got some gophers.


Boy, those gophers are sure hard to come by.

What? Person, what do you mean I don’t need any gophers?

This day isn’t about digging moles?

It’s about chemistry moles?

You mean moles that put on white jackets and play around with test tubes?

It has to do with molecules?

Molecules don’t dig holes – or play with test tubes. They’re too little.

I don’t get it.

The gophers are gone and there’s too many moles.

Think I’ll just go dig a hole.


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