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National Walk Your Dog Week

Bongo walking in a dry washWe’re right in the middle of it – and it’s one of the best weeks there is.

It means I get to go out for walks every day.

Wait a minute. I go out for walks almost every day anyway.

So what’s so special about this week?

I guess I’d better tell you what week it is.

It’s National Walk Your Dog Week.

And I’ve got to tell all you dogs out there that if you’re not taking your people for walks all the time you’re missing out on a lot of adventures.

Bongo walking out of his puddle

My person says it’s good exercise for her and for me. I guess that’s okay.

But what’s more important are the messages I find on my trails from my trail dog buddies.

Bongo sniffing a bush with little yellow flowers

And the dogs and people I get to meet and greet.

Bongo and Layla rubbing heads

By the way, I think I got a new girlfriend today. She was really cute and she wouldn’t leave me alone. Woo woo! More benefits of going out for walks.

If I didn’t go out for walks all the time my life would be boring.

I wouldn’t have adventures to tell you about.

So if I didn’t go for walks and have adventures you’d probably fall asleep when you read my blog.

It would be that boring.

It would probably be like reading a blog that Scratchy wrote.

Scratchy on the Couch

Come to think of it, maybe I should start a National Walk Your Cat Week. Scratchy might have something interesting to say then.

Oh wait, never mind. He’d probably try to steal my blog.


National Walk Your Dog Week was founded by pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige.            Sponsored by – Animal Miracle Foundation, and can be found on the web at


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