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Missed Celebration

Fish bowl picture of BongoI am so bummed!

I missed it!

It’s not my fault.

It’s my person’s fault.

She didn’t remind me.

She should have had a party planned for me and invited all my friends over.

A party with treats, and toys, and games, and maybe even a pool.

That’s it. A pool in my yard so I could go swimming.


Come to think of it, my person could still get me the pool. Even if it is two days late.

You see, Monday was National Mutt Day.

I figured they made that day just for me.

I am the muttest of the muttliest.

The pride of the shelter – wait, what? What did I just say?

The shelter, isn’t that dog jail?

I never want to go back there.

Bongo waiting to come out of his kennel

And there’s a bunch of other dogs in there that don’t want to be there. They want a forever home full of loves and treats.

That’s what National Mutt Day is for. To remind people about all the mutts in shelters needing homes.

So even if it’s late, go adopt one anyway.

Or do something to help out your local shelter.

But you don’t have to wait all the way until next December to celebrate National Mutt Day on the right day – because it’s also celebrated on July 31st.

That way twice as many mutts can find forever homes.

Hey person, I think I might need another mutt to splash in my pool with.

Like next summer maybe? You can’t let me forget National Mutt Day twice.


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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Bongo behind barsOctober is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and since I came from dog jail a shelter I thought I should help promote this.

So I’m going to tell you how awful it is living in dog jail. I was surrounded by all these other dogs and none of us did anything wrong, but they made us live in cages.

We didn’t have anybody to love on us or take us for walks – well, sometimes we did, but we had to share a few people with a whole lot of dogs.


And everybody wanted their turn for loves and walks.

Bongo looking down the trail

There was never enough to go around.

When my people finally came and took me out of that dog jail and brought me to my new forever home I wagged my tail and jumped for joy.

Well, I was a little nervous at first, but after I realized I got to stay, then I did those things.

And I had someone around to toss balls to me anytime I wanted.

Bongo behind couches with a tennis ball

And someone to pull mischief on. Whew! I’m glad I got that last sentence crossed out before you read it.

Maybe she'll get out of bed for my snake

Maybe she’ll get out of bed for my snake.


There are still lots of lonely dogs in shelters everywhere.

So if you have an empty spot in your house and heart that could be filled by a dog, there’s no better time than now to give a dog a new forever home.

You’ll be glad you did.

And so will the dog.

Bongo with a funny face


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Happy Gotcha Day to Me!

BongoToday’s my Gotcha Day! I’m so excited!

For any of my friends who don’t know what a gotcha day is, it’s for those of us who don’t know when our real birthdays are. It’s the day our people gave us our forever home.

It seems like a long time ago for me. Seven years. Do you believe it? Last year I posted a poem for my Gotcha Day so this year I thought maybe I should tell you a little bit about what happened.

I was out running and having a great time when someone picked me up and took me to this place with a lot of other dogs and put me in a little tiny caged area. I didn’t like that tiny area at all and every time someone walked by I jumped up and down in order to get their attention. Finally I guess I was at that place long enough or jumped high enough because I got promoted to a bigger caged area. And I had that area to myself. I didn’t have to share it with any other dogs.

People would walk by me and I’d bring them a ball and hope they’d throw it back so I could catch it. One day a lady and a boy came by and I had great fun playing catch with them, but like everyone else that came by they walked away and left me. A few people came by every day, like the ones who fed me and the ones who took me for walks, but lots of people came by once and then I never saw them again. Or even worse, they’d come back and ignore me and take another dog away with them.

So when I saw this lady and boy again the next day I figured they were coming to see some other dog. I couldn’t believe it when someone put a leash on me and handed it to those people. And they put me in their car and took me home with them.

I was kind of scared at first, but eventually I got used to how things were in my new forever home, and I started making a few rules of my own.

But there was one thing I couldn’t figure out for a long time. My new people, my person and younger person, had this cat ornament that they kept on top of the kitchen cabinets. That ornament moved around. Sometimes it was on one cabinet and then it would move to another one. But it never came down; at least that I could see.

Scratchy on the cabinets

Why would anyone want to keep a movable cat ornament on top of a cabinet?


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