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Missed Celebration

Fish bowl picture of BongoI am so bummed!

I missed it!

It’s not my fault.

It’s my person’s fault.

She didn’t remind me.

She should have had a party planned for me and invited all my friends over.

A party with treats, and toys, and games, and maybe even a pool.

That’s it. A pool in my yard so I could go swimming.


Come to think of it, my person could still get me the pool. Even if it is two days late.

You see, Monday was National Mutt Day.

I figured they made that day just for me.

I am the muttest of the muttliest.

The pride of the shelter – wait, what? What did I just say?

The shelter, isn’t that dog jail?

I never want to go back there.

Bongo waiting to come out of his kennel

And there’s a bunch of other dogs in there that don’t want to be there. They want a forever home full of loves and treats.

That’s what National Mutt Day is for. To remind people about all the mutts in shelters needing homes.

So even if it’s late, go adopt one anyway.

Or do something to help out your local shelter.

But you don’t have to wait all the way until next December to celebrate National Mutt Day on the right day – because it’s also celebrated on July 31st.

That way twice as many mutts can find forever homes.

Hey person, I think I might need another mutt to splash in my pool with.

Like next summer maybe? You can’t let me forget National Mutt Day twice.


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Dancing Dog Party

LeighLa and BongoYesterday I was really bummed because it was National Dog Party Day and I didn’t get to have a party – or even go to one.

All I got to do was hang out around the house with my person, and she was on her computer all day. Then both my people even left me for awhile. It was Take Your Dog to Work Day and they left me home alone. With a cat!

Finally, they came home and my person decided I could take her for a walk.

We walked along my trails and didn’t see anybody. Then we arrived at my turning around point and there she was. LeighLa. One of my girlfriends.

Maybe it was only a little dog party, but any dog party is better than no dog party.

I got to dance with LeighLa.

Bongo and LeighLa Dancing

And we danced.

LeighLa and Bongo dancing

And we danced some more.

Bongo and LeighLa dancing

I think I wore her out because she couldn’t keep up with me on our way back down the trails.

I’ll catch up with her next time. I see some more dogs to party with. Woo woo!

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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Dog Party Day

Bongo with Dog Party HatWoo woo! I just found out today is a Double Dog Day Celebration. Not only is it National Take Your Dog to Work Day today, it is also National Dog Party Day.

This is too cool. I’m getting ready to party!

Hey person, did all the invites to all my dog friends get sent out in the mail?

Did you buy all the party hats and dog treats?

Oh, and I saw a video of a fire hydrant piñata full of dog treats and toys for all the dogs at the party. Make sure you get one of those for us.

I think some cake and ice cream would be good too. After all, this is a party.

We’re going to have so much fun at my party. We can play Frisbee and catch. Hey person, can you get a pool too so we have water to splash in?

I can’t wait till all my dog friends get here. What time is it, person? When are all my friends coming?

What, no party!??? Why not?

There’s no party in Sedona, or even Arizona? There’s only parties in San Diego, Miami, and New York? That’s not fair.

Hey wait a minute. I have dog blogging friends in all those cities. Maybe they’ll invite me to their parties.


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