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Dancing Dog Party

LeighLa and BongoYesterday I was really bummed because it was National Dog Party Day and I didn’t get to have a party – or even go to one.

All I got to do was hang out around the house with my person, and she was on her computer all day. Then both my people even left me for awhile. It was Take Your Dog to Work Day and they left me home alone. With a cat!

Finally, they came home and my person decided I could take her for a walk.

We walked along my trails and didn’t see anybody. Then we arrived at my turning around point and there she was. LeighLa. One of my girlfriends.

Maybe it was only a little dog party, but any dog party is better than no dog party.

I got to dance with LeighLa.

Bongo and LeighLa Dancing

And we danced.

LeighLa and Bongo dancing

And we danced some more.

Bongo and LeighLa dancing

I think I wore her out because she couldn’t keep up with me on our way back down the trails.

I’ll catch up with her next time. I see some more dogs to party with. Woo woo!

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Squirrel Tag

The Squirrel that Got Away

The Squirrel that Got Away

My person takes me for walks on the trails near our house. There are lots of little critters on the trails like lizards, quail, and sometimes rabbits. Mostly I don’t pay much attention to them. There are things I like better – like smells, and other dogs. One time though, as I walked along right next to a bush – there’s lots of bushes out there – two squirrels decided to run out of the bush right in front of my nose. Right in front of my nose! Do you get it? Squirrel smell. Wow! I tried to run after them, but my person yanked my leash. Boing___go! My person pulled me right back – and the squirrels were gone. I don’t know why she doesn’t get it. Those squirrels were mine and she let them get away. I would have shared.



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