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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Bongo in the wash on his trails

Come on person, we’ve got to get to work.

I don’t get it.

Today is a really special holiday, but it came on the wrong week.

Why didn’t it come last week?

That would have been much better.

You see, today is Take Your Dog to Work Day.

And you know where my person is working this week?

At home.

Do you believe it?

She’s working at home playing catch-up with all the things that she didn’t get done last week.

Because last week she was working at Vacation Bible School all week.

With all those kids and weird animals.

That’s where I wanted to go to work.

I would have even dressed up as a weird animal if I had to.

But I think those kids would have liked me no matter what.

I guess I’ll have to take my person to work with me instead.

My work is on my trails – where all my adventures lay waiting for me.

But while you’re waiting for me to come back and report on my next adventure, I thought I’d share a song with you.

It’s a special song for today.

Just click on this link: and take your dog to work.


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Dancing Dog Party

LeighLa and BongoYesterday I was really bummed because it was National Dog Party Day and I didn’t get to have a party – or even go to one.

All I got to do was hang out around the house with my person, and she was on her computer all day. Then both my people even left me for awhile. It was Take Your Dog to Work Day and they left me home alone. With a cat!

Finally, they came home and my person decided I could take her for a walk.

We walked along my trails and didn’t see anybody. Then we arrived at my turning around point and there she was. LeighLa. One of my girlfriends.

Maybe it was only a little dog party, but any dog party is better than no dog party.

I got to dance with LeighLa.

Bongo and LeighLa Dancing

And we danced.

LeighLa and Bongo dancing

And we danced some more.

Bongo and LeighLa dancing

I think I wore her out because she couldn’t keep up with me on our way back down the trails.

I’ll catch up with her next time. I see some more dogs to party with. Woo woo!

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Bongo's HeadWoo woo! Tomorrow is June 22nd and you know what day that is? It’s National Take Your Dog to Work Day. But I think that should be changed to International Take Your Dog to Work Day because some of my dog friends live in other countries.

So person, are you going to take me to work with you? Huh, huh, huh? I’m all ready to be taken to work. I could even help you.

Where are you going to take me? We could go hang out at the church where you work. Maybe I could play with some of those kids you teach Sunday school to.

Or that place where you meet to lead your Bible study. What is that place? That place with all the stars and the bucks? Are those the dollar kind of bucks or the deer kind of bucks? Could you take me there so I can find out? Maybe I could get rich there – or at least have something to chase around while you’re studying all those Bibles under the stars.

Wait a minute! What!?? You’re taking me to work but I don’t get to go anywhere? I don’t get it.

You’re working at home tomorrow? That’s no fair.

Can you take the day off so we can go somewhere?


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