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Blog Theft

Bongo sitting and smilingMy person has been glued to her computer lately.

So you’d think she’d be helping me more with my blog.

I mean, what other reason would there be for her to be on the computer?

But no, I’m not sure what she’s doing.

She hasn’t even helped me answer all my friends who’ve made comments on my blog in the last few days.

And now I’m way behind.

So I hope everybody will understand.

It’s not my fault.


What, person?

You want to do what!?

No person, you can’t do that!

Listen to this.

A couple days ago I was innocently napping and a cat stole my blog.

Now my person wants to steal my blog.

And she’s not even going to wait till I’m asleep.

She wants to show you what she’s been doing while she’s been glued to the computer.

She says she’s been taking a Photoshop class (whatever that is) and she’s been working on her final project.


I guess I might as well let her show it to you or I’ll never hear the end of it.

Girl sitting on a tree and looking at a butterfly


You’ve got two pictures?

Oh alright. Go ahead.

Girl dancing on top of the word JOY

I hope she’s done now and I can have my blog back.

Scratchy, don’t you dare come near this computer!


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Chasing Robins

Robins and PuddleFor the last couple of days the large puddle on my trail has been occupied when we walk toward it. By the time we get there everyone has scattered. Flown up into the trees to get away from us. My person was disappointed because she wanted to get pictures of those birds hanging out around my puddle. I just wanted to chase a few.

Those birds have red breasts and I don’t see them around here very often. My person said the birds are robins and she used to see a lot more of them when she lived in Seattle. She thought it was strange that birds were migrating this late in the year, so she looked online and found out why. She says robins stay wherever they can find food – so some don’t migrate at all, but many have to leave their breeding grounds in winter since there’s not as much food around.

Okay, so much for Bongo facts. When we came back home today we found more robins in a neighbor’s yard. My person got a picture of one but it wouldn’t let us get very close. My person says she’ll Photoshop the robin into the puddle for me.

I don’t think that’s quite the same. I haven’t figured out how to chase a Photoshopped robin.


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