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Scratchy and his toyI’m really bummed. My person said that I’m not allowed to post to my blog anymore unless I share it with Scratchy sometimes. Okay, I guess so. Scratchy, it’s your turn now.

Hi everybody. It’s me, Scratchy. This is fun taking over Bongo’s blog and I don’t even have to sneak this time. My person made Bongo let me write. I thought I’d tell you about my absolutely favorite kind of toy in the world. I just love playing with chenille wires. My person says they used to call them pipe cleaners, but hardly anyone smokes a pipe anymore and they (whoever decides what to call things) probably didn’t want kids making crafts out of something that’s used to clean a pipe.

The first time I discovered how much fun these chenille things are I had to steal them from my younger person. That was when he was even more younger and still did crafts. Now that my person knows that I like them she gives them to me sometimes. It’s great fun to toss them around and pretend I’ve caught a mouse.

Scratchy – I’m taking my blog back. What you’re writing is so boring. Who cares about chenille wires. Balls and Frisbees are so much more fun – or maybe a squeaky stuffed animal – shaped like a cat.


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