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Mischief Failure

Bongo waiting outside in a puddleWe finally had our first snow of the season and I wanted to go out and play. But for some reason I couldn’t convince my person to come out and play with me. I think I even made up a new rule for Snoopy’s Mischief Master Class – Look Forlorn – but it didn’t work. I guess Snoopy doesn’t need to add that one to the book.

Finally, I convinced my person to go for a walk on my trails with me.






Bongo heading for the weeds on the trail

I think weeds taste better when they’re mixed with a little snow.

Bongo at the weeds on the trail

Yup, this looks pretty tasty.

Bongo chomping on weeds with snow patches

A little snow dressing. Definitely my preferred way to have my salad.

Okay, now I’m full. Time for a little exploring.

Bongo heading into a wash

Hey person, this looks like the best way to go today.

Bongo stepping into a puddle

Hey, this is delicious. Just what I needed to wash down those weeds.

Bongo enjoying the puddle

Come on in, person. The water’s fine!

I’m not sure why, but I don’t think my person wants to go this way.

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