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Plain Air

Tom Lynch painting plein airIt happened around this time last year too. Something about the air.

The air gets plain.

It doesn’t feel plain to me. Unless maybe that means there aren’t any storms in the air.

If that’s it I’ll go for plain air all the time.

There are some other people who must like plain air too, because they show up in Sedona just for the air at this time of year.

I find them on my trails doing strange things.

I thought my person took a long time getting pictures with her camera, but these people take forever.

They don’t even use a camera, they bring all their paints with them.

And when they finally get finished, they don’t even have to put a little card in their computer – their picture is already there.

Wait a minute. What, person?

What do you mean, it’s not plain air, it’s plein air?

What’s the difference. It sounds the same to me.

Plein air is when artists paint outside? Oh.

And I met an artist who is way more famous than me?

I’m a pretty famous dog. He must be really famous.

He has his own website, and it’s better than my blog? No way!

I need some votes here. Check out Tom Lynch’s website at and tell me my blog is better.

I guess it really doesn’t matter anyway. What’s more important is that…

Bongo and Tom Lynch

my new friend Tom gave me loves.

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Art Show for Dogs

Bongo Watching an ArtistToday I found more of those people on my trails with the long things and the square things. You know, those paint brush things and canvases. My person says the people are artists with the Sedona Plein Air Festival and they’re in town all week.

Well this morning my person left me home and went to see all the artists painting at the Sedona Heritage Museum. She said it was a show for people, not dogs. I think she’s wrong and she should have taken me.

But three of those artists are pretty special because they came to my trails to do a show just for us dogs. They let my person hang around and watch, but I don’t think she would have been allowed if it wasn’t for me being there too.

I made two new dog friends and we got our own special show.


Plein Air Artist with Two Dogs Watching

Two Dogs with Plein Air Artist

I’m not sure though if my new friends got tired, or they liked the lady artists better, or they just found the smells on the ground to be better than the art show.

Artist Painting - Great Sedona Background - Dogs Lost Interest

I’m going for the smells. Maybe those artists could throw a little jackrabbit scent into their paintings.


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