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Swami River

Bongo next to a license plate that says SWAMIWay down upon the Swami River

Far, far away…


What do you mean, that’s not the way the song goes?

Of course it is.

And I bet if I wait for the people to come back to their car they’ll let me get in and they’ll take me there.

Then I can go swimming.

What do you mean, they wouldn’t want to put up with me in their car for that long?

It can’t be that far away?

It is?

I’d have to go where?

Swamis are all the way in India?

Where’s that? It can’t be that far. We have Indians living all over Arizona.

What do you mean, not the Native American kind of Indians?

There’s other kinds?

I’m totally confused.


The song I was singing is about the Suwannee River in Florida?

Now, that’s more like it.

Florida can’t be that far away.

It’s in the same country, after all.


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