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Be Dog

BeHuman Yawn

These people just don’t get it.

Bongo in front of a license plate that says BEHUMAN

What’s a dog to do?


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Swami River

Bongo next to a license plate that says SWAMIWay down upon the Swami River

Far, far away…


What do you mean, that’s not the way the song goes?

Of course it is.

And I bet if I wait for the people to come back to their car they’ll let me get in and they’ll take me there.

Then I can go swimming.

What do you mean, they wouldn’t want to put up with me in their car for that long?

It can’t be that far away?

It is?

I’d have to go where?

Swamis are all the way in India?

Where’s that? It can’t be that far. We have Indians living all over Arizona.

What do you mean, not the Native American kind of Indians?

There’s other kinds?

I’m totally confused.


The song I was singing is about the Suwannee River in Florida?

Now, that’s more like it.

Florida can’t be that far away.

It’s in the same country, after all.


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Something to Say

Bongo smiling in front of the "Film Car"Awhile back I saw the Film Car on my trails. I tried really hard to get noticed by that car so maybe I could be in a film, but no such luck. Nobody cared, and after a few days I didn’t see that car on my trails anymore. I guess it went back home to film some other dog.

But that Film Car isn’t the only unusual car I’ve seen parked at my trails or in my neighborhood.

There’s another car trying to tell me that I shouldn’t worry about trying to be in films. I should just be myself.





License plate JUS BE

These cars must be trying to teach me something. I guess this next car is saying that whether I get into films or not I can still choose my attitude, and I’d better make it good.

License plate OPT4JOY

While I was going around being joyful – because that’s what I always am anyway when I’m on my trails – I found this other guy that I really could get used to hanging out with.

License plate LUV2LAF

But I don’t know about this next guy. He could slice everything in two.

I bet he’d be great to go see if I ever had the hiccups though.

License plate HIYAAA

I think I’ll head out on my trails now. I’ve seen enough interesting cars, and learned enough good lessons for awhile.

But someday, I’ll see what other interesting cars I can find.

Until then…

License plate TADAAA

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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Travelling Trails Sign

Bongo by a license plate that says TRA1LSI was heading out to my trails minding my own business, when all of a sudden I stopped in my tracks. Something new had appeared. A travelling sign pointing people to my trails.

This is good. This will make it easier for people to find my trails. And that means more people on my trails to give me loves.

But, wait a minute! There’s something wrong with this picture. This is a travelling Trails sign. Won’t that confuse people?

People will see the sign that points to my trails, but  when they come back again the sign might be gone, and the people will think my trails have disappeared.

How terrible!

People will go somewhere else, trying to find that Trails sign again. And there won’t be any people on my trails to give me loves.

And when that sign points to different trails, some other dog will be getting all the loves.


I’ve got an idea.

I’d better make sure the people with this travelling Trails sign aren’t looking though.

Bongo looking around the car with the TRA1LS license plate

The coast is clear. I don’t see anyone coming.

Quick, does anyone have a tow truck?

If I tow away the travelling part, the sign will stay here forever.


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