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Tadpoles and Toads

Bongo's paws in a puddle with tadpolesThe other day I discovered that something had invaded my puddle. Tiny tadpoles filled it and they were everywhere.

I wasn’t sure what would become of my puddle.

Notice I said my puddle. I had to convince those tadpoles that it was still mine and they didn’t belong there.

So I watched those tadpoles every day and I tried to talk reason into them, but it wasn’t doing any good.

I kept hoping the tadpoles would be gone, but every day when I showed up to visit my puddle they were still there.

Tadpoles in a puddle

Nothing I did seemed to do any good.

Until one day when I went to visit my puddle I found a tadpole leaving it.

Tiny toad with a tail coming out of the water

And the next day when I came back I found two of them out of the water.

Now to convince the rest of them.

Toad with a tail at the water's edge

This one seems a little confused. I don’t think it’s sure whether it’s a tadpole or a toad.

Come on buddy. You’re a toad. You’re a toad.

Toad on a rock

The next day I was really in luck. There were four little toadies hopping around on the rocks.

Two tiny toads in a crack in the rock

They even got stuck in a crack.

And today when I went back – well – there were still some tadpoles hanging out in my puddle.

Toad and leaves on a rock

But the rocks were alive with little tiny toadies!

Camouflaged toads

How many toads can you see?

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