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Midnight Mischief

Scratchy in the doorwayYesterday I had to put off my mischief story because I had so many other things to say. So today I’m going to tell you about the mischief maker – and this time it wasn’t me.

All last week my person was working on a paper mache empty tomb, and for some reason she wouldn’t let me alone in the room with that tomb. She doesn’t seem to trust me or something. Just because I knocked it on the floor and ate the paper mache stuff off of it. I don’t know what the problem is. My person fixed it.

At night she was shutting the door to her bedroom – with me inside – so I couldn’t go out and eat be near that tomb without her knowing about it.

Scratchy wasn’t very happy about this. He likes to come and go as he pleases and he really dislikes being locked inside the bedroom at night.

So one night Scratchy came to the closed door and started making noise like cats do and clawing on the carpet. My person opened the door and when he got up on the bed she shut the door again.

This made Scratchy mad and he wanted right back out. My person let him out since he was making such a ruckus and then she shut the door.

Scratchy didn’t like that either. He wanted that door open. He kept bugging us until my person opened the door again.

He didn’t want to come in, but he wanted to be able to come in.

Of course, this left me with access to that tomb.

But I didn’t want to eat that thing. It tasted terrible the first time.

Paper mache empty tomb finished

Crosses and empty tomb


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The Tomb is Really Empty Now

Scratchy with bags of plastic Easter eggsHey person, Scratchy’s getting into the Easter eggs.


I am not.

I am not trying to cover up for what I did.

What did I do?

Oh that. Well, it smelled like food to me.



Partially completed paper mache empty tomb

So I ate it.

Bongo and damaged tomb

It was a what?

You’re making an empty tomb for Easter? The tomb that Jesus left?

Aren’t tombs made out of rocks or something?

Person, if you’d carved that tomb out of rock I wouldn’t have eaten it. So it’s all your fault.

But don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.


Bongo licking the paper mache drippings off the floor

I’m cleaning up the mess I made on the floor.

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Listen to the Story

Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene

My person said I have to stay really quiet and listen because the Easter story is very important. I’ll try, person.

My person says that Jesus was crucified on the cross. That must have hurt.

Yes, I’m listening, person. I still don’t get why he was crucified though.

So God can’t look on sin and we all have it? Even me? Not me.

Well yeah, I do that but… I do that too, but it’s not my fault.

Jesus is the only one qualified to take all our sins upon himself and he had to die on the cross to do it? So God can look at us because Jesus took our sin for us? It’s a free gift from him?

We have to do what? Ask for that free gift? That’s all? That sounds really simple.

So what does that have to do with Easter?

Jesus didn’t stay dead? How could that happen?

My person says that after Jesus died he was buried in a tomb and a very large stone was rolled in front of it. On Sunday morning Mary Magdalene and some other women went to the tomb. They didn’t know how they would move the stone, but when they got there they found it had already been rolled away.

Mary ran to Peter and John, two of Jesus’ disciples, and told them someone had taken Jesus and they didn’t know where he was.

Peter and John ran to the tomb and found nothing inside but the linen and burial cloth that had been wrapped around Jesus. They didn’t understand what was happening and they went home.

Mary Magdalene stayed there and stood outside the tomb crying. She looked into the tomb and saw two angels sitting where Jesus had been.

Person, you didn’t tell me there were angels in the story.

I’m really listening, person.

The angels asked Mary why she was crying and she said they had taken her Lord away and she didn’t know where they had put him.

Mary turned around and saw a man standing there. She thought it was the gardener.

A gardener? Does he grow good stuff to eat?

I’m sorry person. I couldn’t help myself. You made me think about food.

Okay. The man asked Mary why she was crying and who she was looking for.

Mary said to the man that if he had carried Jesus away could he please tell her where he had put him and she would go get him.

The man then said one word to her. “Mary.” She immediately recognized that it was Jesus.

But person, you just told me Jesus died on the cross. How could that be him?

He did? God raised him from the dead? And Mary was the first one to see him?

Do you think I could see him too?


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