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Toss the Ball

Scratchy with a tennis ballOne of my favorite games is catch. I’ll bring a ball to my person when she’s sitting on the couch – especially if she’s talking to someone on the phone. Then I patiently wait for her to toss the ball back to me.

And if my patience wears thin because my person won’t toss back the ball I bring her another one. I figure if her lap gets filled with balls she’ll eventually have to toss them away.

And that’s when I catch them.

But this time I decided to do something different.

Instead of catching the ball I bounced it back – right to Scratchy.

But I forgot one thing. Scratchy never wants to play.

Scratchy sat right next to that ball and ignored it.

Bongo waiting for Scratchy to toss him the ball


Come on Scratchy. I’m waiting for the ball.

Bongo eagerly waiting for Scratchy to toss the ball

Scratchy, I’m still waiting. Aren’t you going to toss that ball back to me?

This is terrible. I just realized something.

Scratchy thinks that ball is his now. He’s never going to give it back to me.

How can I convince Scratchy that that ball belongs to me?

Maybe I can bring Scratchy a treat and he’ll trade me the ball for the treat.

Here Scratchy, want to trade?

Oh wait, never mind. Scratchy, you can have that old ball. This is the best treat ever.


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Life After Dark

Bongo and the Messed Up BedMy person was acting really strange last night.

She left the house long after it was dark.

Sometimes she doesn’t come home until it’s dark, but she hardly ever leaves after it’s dark.

Come on person, I’ve got your bed all messed up made for you. Where are you going? It’s almost bedtime.

Finally, I heard my person’s car coming into the driveway. But I couldn’t believe what I heard after that.

I heard voices out there in the yard. And it wasn’t just my person talking to herself. There were other voices. Cute girl voices.

And then they came in the house.

My person brought me some new friends – and they gave me loves! Woo woo!

Bongo waiting for a toy to be tossed

Bongo and two girls looking up

I had a great time playing with my new friends.

Bongo kissing a cute girl

I even gave them kisses.

I think they wanted to stay with me forever after that.

Bongo waiting for the toy to be thrown

Bongo waiting for the toy in the air to come down

Bongo with the toy in his mouth

I showed them how good I was at catching.

They were impressed.

But this morning they all got into my person’s car and when the car came back only my person was in it.

Why did they leave? Did I do something wrong?

But then I remembered that they said they wanted to take me with them.

Wait for me! Here I come!

I’ll just make sure I’m back home by dinnertime.


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