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Vacuuming Bongo

Vacuuming BongoYou’d never know it because my hair doesn’t seem that long, but I shed a lot. This doesn’t seem to bother me, but my people are always complaining about it. It seems they’re always vacuuming the carpet and sweeping the floor and they tell me it’s all my hair that they’re picking up. That might be right because I pick up all the food they drop. They shouldn’t complain about picking up my hair. Just think of all the extra work they’d have if I didn’t pick up the food on the floor.

My shedding started early this year – way back in January. It first starts with little clumps of hair coming loose from my rear. My person starts picking them out so they won’t get all over the house. Imagine having someone pick at your butt. Actually I don’t mind it nearly as much as she minds it when I stick my nose in hers.

My younger person decided to do something different. It felt kind of weird. He vacuumed me! At least he used the little vacuum cleaner that isn’t so noisy. I would have been very upset if he had used that big, noisy one. I don’t know if that little vacuum cleaner did any good, but if I need to get rid of some hair I can always roll around on the carpet.

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Let’s Have Some Quiet



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Let’s Have Some Quiet

Gotta be louderMy person has a big machine to pick up all the hair I get on the carpets. She says it’s called a vacuum cleaner. That machine makes so much noise. It sounds like it’s trying to take over the house whenever it is turned on, and I have to do something about it.

So I bark at it. I get right down next to it on the floor and I bark. Most of the time it just keeps on making that noise and I have to bark over it, but sometimes it gets quiet. Sometimes when it gets quiet my person puts me in the bedroom and shuts the door. Pretty nervy of her – shutting me inside the bedroom. Then that vacuum cleaner thing starts right up with its noise, but it’s not quite so loud because I’m locked in the bedroom.

The noise gets far away for awhile, but then my person opens the bedroom door and in comes that vacuum cleaner – noise and all. Time to start barking again.

Finally the vacuum cleaner goes silent and gets put back in its closet. No more noise for awhile. Yay! But there doesn’t seem to be much of my hair on the carpet any more. I think I’ll roll around on it for awhile.


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