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Where’s My Adventure?

Dirt road, mountains, and skyMy person took off on an adventure this morning and left me at home with Scratchy.

This is really getting bad. I’m supposed to be the one having adventures, not my person.

And definitely not her camera.





Backlit clouds

It will be a bright day for sure when my person finally gets tired of that camera and takes me on adventures instead.

Red rocks and sky

Finally my person came back home and took me out on my trails.

Bongo in the wash

I looked all over my trails for some kind of adventure.

No luck.

No adventures anywhere.

I think my person used up all the adventures of the day.

This guy we found on my trails didn’t look like he was having any adventures either.

Plein Air artist

He was just standing there painting the cactus.

Maybe we can go find an adventure together.


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Left Out of the Adventure

No Bongo AdventuresMy people went on an adventure last night and didn’t invite me – the dog who lives for adventures. I’m not even sure what kind of adventure they went on. A treasure hunt maybe?

Here’s what happened. My younger person left kind of late last night and said he was going back to that college place. I think maybe he said that so I wouldn’t try to go with him.

My person and I went into her bedroom and she turned out the lights. So far, so good. This happens almost every night around here.

But then, I heard that strange sound. The one that makes her pick up that little thing and talk to it. I’ve never been able to figure out what she’s doing – except that she ignores me when she’s talking to it. She hardly ever talks to that thing after she’s turned out the lights, but when she finished talking to it, she turned out the lights a second time.

But then you know what she did? She talked to that thing again and left the house and drove off in her car. And she didn’t take me!

Just me and Scratchy alone in the house – in the dark. This is not right.

My person was gone for a long time and it was starting to get light when I heard her car. I know she was on an adventure because she brought my younger person back with her. This college place he keeps talking about must be all made up.

My younger person slept for awhile and then left again in his little car. He must have lost the other one on the adventure. He’s still insisting that he’s going to that made up college place.

If my person talks to that thing again tonight, I’m blocking the door so she can’t get out without taking me with her. I’ve got to make sure they don’t lose another car in that black hole they call the college place.


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