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Dots, Dots, and Hats

Bongo Behind Bars

I’m stuck at the dog hotel and I take no responsibility for what’s posted here.

The other day I was walking on my trails and I saw a pile of dots.








Two Airsoft Pellets

Orange Airsoft Pellet

I’ve seen these things on my trails before, but now there were a lot more. My person says my younger person used to shoot dots like this out of his airsoft gun.

Now I remember. I used to go jumping after that gun every time he shot it off.

So that mystery was solved and I headed down the trail with my person.

But a new mystery was about to develop. Because I saw more dots – and these weren’t the same kind of dots at all.

Dot Mushroom

One dot here.

Dot Mushrooms

Two dots there.

Double Dot Mushrooms

Oh no! Double dots.

Dot Mushroom Surrounded by Twigs

And this dot’s surrounded!

I put on my Detective Dog hat and started sleuthing around. And just when I thought I was getting to the bottom of this…

Is somebody making fun of me?

Hat Shaped Mushroom

Two Hat Shaped Mushrooms

Those dots turned to hats.

I’m putting my paw down on this one.

Bongo's Paw and a Dot Mushroom


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Strange Raindrops

Airsoft pellet on the trailIt rained today – really, really hard. It made awful sounds on my roof. I didn’t like it at all.

When the rain finally stopped I took my person out for a walk. There was lots of water on my trails, but I expected to see that.

What I didn’t expect to see was that thing in the picture. It’s small. So small that my person couldn’t even get her camera to focus on it. But what is it?

I think it’s some strange new kind of raindrop. It doesn’t soak into the ground, and it doesn’t even melt like hail. I’m going to have to investigate this. Raindrops like this could explain why there was so much noise on my roof.

I walked along my trails and I didn’t see any more of those strange raindrops. But since I heard all that pounding on my roof I bet I could find some in my yard.

I got home, and sure enough – look what I found.

Airsoft pellet in the yard

A white one – but it looked just like the other one.

About this time something started clicking in my memory. I remember I used to see those – all over my house. I haven’t seen any lately, but I think I’ll put my Detective Dog hat on and see what I can find.

Woo woo! I had to move some file boxes, but here it is – buried in the carpet.

Airsoft pellet in the carpet

I’m putting my paws around it so you can see what size it is.

Airsoft pellet between Bongo's paws

But now I have a bigger mystery. How did this strange rain get into my house?

This could be a dangerous quest. When my younger person comes home next time, I’ll have to get him to get his airsoft gun out for extra protection while I investigate.


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