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I Didn’t Do It

Bongo near a knocked over trash canI don’t get it. Why would my person think I did this? I was just trying to tell her what Scratchy did while she was gone.

I would never knock over that garbage can. Why would I do that? I know how to open the can so why would I knock it over?

Oops. I mean, Scratchy knows how to open the can.

Sometimes there’s nothing good that I can reach though. It’s all down in the bottom.

Well I had to try reaching it because Scratchy couldn’t. I was only helping him out.

Bongo, a downed trash can, and garbage on the floor

What’s that stuff on the floor?

Scratchy put it there. Besides, you didn’t want it anyway.

Scratchy, I told you that you should have finished that stuff off. Then no one would know what you did.

What do you mean, I have a guilty look?

I’m not guilty.

Wait, wait! Is this better?

Bongo looking innocent

Do I look innocent now?

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Dog Proof No More

Bongo surrounded by garbageMy people are going to be so proud of me. I learned a new trick.

I used to only be able to empty the garbage can for them when the lid didn’t go down all the way.

I waited until my people left the house so if I pulled out the wrong thing and they got mad at me I could always blame it on Scratchy. Scratchy’s a cat and cats are always up to no good.

I would pull everything I could out of the garbage can until the lid went flat again. Who wants a garbage lid to be sticking up letting all those good smells get loose? I figure my people are saving those smells for something special.

I kind of like having those special aromas around the house though, and I finally figured out how to do it.

It’s kind of tricky. If I step on this thing near the floor the lid on the garbage can pops up.

But here comes the hard part. I have to keep stepping on that little thing at the same time I’m reaching in to grab the garbage. If I’m not careful the lid comes plop down right on my head.

But it’s all worth it because I usually manage to get some good garbage out, just waiting for me to chew it up and waft in those wonderful aromas. (Did I say that?)

And when my people get home – and they look at me with that stern look – I only have one thing to say.

Scratchy did it!

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Garbage Hound

Bongo getting the garbageSometimes the lid to the garbage can in the kitchen doesn’t close all the way. When that happens it’s really hard to have patience. If I help myself to something while my people are there I will get into immediate trouble. So I have to wait. Sometimes I have to wait a long time. But when they finally leave the house I’m ready.

Let’s see. What kind of treats can I find today? Everything smells like food, but I usually don’t find much actual food. I guess because I already ate my people’s leftovers. Darn. Why didn’t they save something for me to pick out of the garbage? Oh well. I think I’ll try this container. It smells really good and it has a nice feel when I chew on it. Really nice. It feels great tearing this apart.

Oh oh. I hear my people coming home and all this evidence is too hard to eat. Oh, no. I’m in trouble now.


P.S. I’ve got to give credit to my friend Bassa for giving me the idea to write about this.


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