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Happy May Day!

Bongo and a Globe Mallow under a signToday is May Day, and even though we didn’t get much in the way of April showers we still got May flowers. I told my person I would do a flower post special for her for May Day.

See, I’m nice to her sometimes.

We get these orange flowers almost every spring and summer here, but for some reason last year they didn’t show up. I think they didn’t like our unseasonably late April snow dump. All we saw were one or two little orange blossoms all summer.

But this year they’re back out again, and I think even more of them are coming out to make up for last year. They’re called Globe Mallow.

Globe Mallow

This is what the plants look like.

Globe Mallow Blossoms

Here’s a sprig to put in your May Day basket.

But this next globe mallow really decided to outdo the others.

Globe Mallow on top of a Prickly Pear

It became a hat for this prickly pear cactus.

Oh yeah, I just remembered. Isn’t there supposed to be a May Pole or something?

Guess I’ll just wind my leash around my person. I don’t see any other poles around here. She’ll have to do.


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Globe Mallow

Bongo Behind Bars

I’m stuck at the dog hotel and I take no responsibility for what’s posted here.

My person went off to Colorado and I’m stuck in the dog hotel. I wasn’t allowed to bring the computer with me so I take no responsibility for what is posted on my blog.

Lately my person has been making me hang out and wait a lot while she gets her camera out to take pictures. It’s flower season again on my trails but the globe mallow usually hangs out all summer long.




Globe Mallow

For some reason these flowers just started coming out this year. A couple of them tried to make it early in the summer but they fizzled out. It was really hot and dry before that dreaded thunder season started.

Globe Mallow

Globe Mallow

These flowers grow on bushes and when they have all summer to grow the bushes sometimes get really big.

Globe Mallow Bush

But I think my person is spending far too much time with her camera.

Time to go.

Bongo wetting the Globe Mallow

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