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Gopher Golf

Little Yellow FlagThis is new. I’ve never seen a flag on my trails before.







Bongo next to a flag with the number 32 on it

Look, the flag even has a number on it. I wonder what it’s here for.

Bongo and a flag that has a 31 on it

Hey, I found another flag. This one has a number too.

We need to figure out why those flags are here. Maybe I should put on my Detective Dog hat again?

Oh wait, I think I’ve figured it out already.

Bongo sniffing a gopher mound

Look at this mound here. Right near those flags. You know who makes these mounds, don’t you?


And I bet those gophers are up to something. I bet they’re up to a good round of gopher golf.

All I have to do is follow those flags and I bet we’ll find the gophers. And the gopher golf balls.

Come on, person. Let’s go look for those gophers.

I know we’re almost at the end of our walk, but we’ve got to go back and look. Maybe they’ll let us in on the game. I’d like to swing at a few gophers.


Hmmm. I don’t see any gophers anywhere. Or any more flags, either.

Oh. Now I know why I’m not seeing any gophers.

Those gophers took their flags and their little golf balls and clubs…

Bongo checking out a gopher hole

and ran them down this hole.

Guess I’ll have to swing at a gopher another day.

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