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Gopher Golf

Little Yellow FlagThis is new. I’ve never seen a flag on my trails before.







Bongo next to a flag with the number 32 on it

Look, the flag even has a number on it. I wonder what it’s here for.

Bongo and a flag that has a 31 on it

Hey, I found another flag. This one has a number too.

We need to figure out why those flags are here. Maybe I should put on my Detective Dog hat again?

Oh wait, I think I’ve figured it out already.

Bongo sniffing a gopher mound

Look at this mound here. Right near those flags. You know who makes these mounds, don’t you?


And I bet those gophers are up to something. I bet they’re up to a good round of gopher golf.

All I have to do is follow those flags and I bet we’ll find the gophers. And the gopher golf balls.

Come on, person. Let’s go look for those gophers.

I know we’re almost at the end of our walk, but we’ve got to go back and look. Maybe they’ll let us in on the game. I’d like to swing at a few gophers.


Hmmm. I don’t see any gophers anywhere. Or any more flags, either.

Oh. Now I know why I’m not seeing any gophers.

Those gophers took their flags and their little golf balls and clubs…

Bongo checking out a gopher hole

and ran them down this hole.

Guess I’ll have to swing at a gopher another day.

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Golf Cart

Golf cart parked at the trail headI’ve never seen one of these at my trailhead before. Do you think somebody is lost? Isn’t this what people drive when they’re playing golf?

Somebody must be really confused. I’ve found tennis balls, but I’ve never ever seen a golf ball on my trails. I think that means that there’s probably not a golf course either.

Hey, wait a minute. What if the person who drove this here is going to try to start a golf course?

That could be dangerous.

I could be walking along, minding my own business when out of nowhere comes a flying golf ball. It might hit me on the head.

Or it might knock a bird right out of the sky. Then I would have to perform bird CPR. I think I’d better brush up. You do CPR by licking them until they wake up, right? I’d have to be really careful or I might swallow the bird.

And if a golf ball went flying into my puddle – ker splat! – it might not get found until my puddle disappeared again. Then all the creatures who hang out at my puddle would be fighting for the golf ball.

All right, that does it! There is no way a golf course is going in on my trails. I’m going to find this golfer and send him back home.


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