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You’d Choose Me

Bongo getting loves from an artistI haven’t seen one of those on my trails since the Sedona Plein Air Festival. An artist!

And not only an artist, but a really cool artist. One that gives loves to dogs.

And she came a very long way to give me loves too. All the way from Canada.

That really makes her special. I don’t know many people who would come from Canada to give me loves – let alone artists.

What, person?

What do you mean, she didn’t come to see me? Of course she did.

What red rocks?

Oh, those. Why would anybody want to paint those?

Yeah, I know there’s a picture of the red rocks that you painted hanging in our living room.

Yeah, I know you take pictures of those red rocks and post them on my blog sometimes.

But you’re here already. And you just can’t leave your camera at home. And besides, I’m here so you don’t have to travel anywhere to give me loves.

So let me ask you this, person. If you could travel anywhere in the world, and you had a choice of either going to a place where you could paint red rocks, or to the place I was so you could give me loves you’d choose me, right? Yup, I knew it.

Well, don’t you think most people would choose me over red rocks? That artist is just extra lucky because she didn’t have to decide.

Bongo getting loves from an artist

P.S. I wasn’t making this artist thing up. You can see her website here.


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Long Things and Square Things

Artists in the WoodsI see the strangest things on my trails sometimes, but today I found people doing strange things. Usually the people I see are busy walking on the trail, but these people weren’t. I’m not sure what they were doing, but I guess my person wanted to know too so we went over to investigate.

Sorry person, you cannot share my Detective Dog hat with me. That’s for me alone, even if you do help me with the investigation.

We wandered off the trail and went over to where these people were, and we found a bunch of guys mixing colors with long things and then wiping the long things onto some square things.

Artists doing Plein Air Painting

Artist doing Plein Air Painting

It didn’t make any sense to me but my person talked to them and found out the guys were part of the Sedona Plein Air Festival.

I’m not sure what that festival is, but I always thought we had pretty nice air here. I didn’t know it was plain. And why would people want to have a festival for plain air anyway?

We hung around for awhile and my person talked to the guys and looked at their square things with the color on them. I’m not sure what she was looking at. I think they had used up all their rags and those square things were all they had left to wipe stuff off on.

But then something happened and I decided that having a festival for our plain air wasn’t so bad after all.

Bongo getting loves from an artist

Bongo Kissing His New Artist Friend

Because I made a new friend.


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