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What’s That Chattering?

Squirrel up on a wireWe were finishing up our trail walk and heading back to the street – but not at the normal place where we usually hit the street. I heard somebody chattering at me. I looked everywhere and couldn’t figure out where that chattering was coming from. Until I finally figured there was nowhere else to look. And the chattering came again.

With the corner of my eye I caught some movement above me – and there he was. Looking at me. That pesky squirrel.


Squirrel looking down from the wire


Come on down here squirrel! You think you’re so brave way up there on that wire. Come on down and face me on the ground.

You know what that squirrel did? He turned and started running down the wire – away from me.

Squirrel running along the wire

I knew that pesky squirrel wasn’t brave enough. He ran down the wire and never did come back. I bet he went looking for another dog to harass.

He was probably afraid to go messing with me. Afraid I might fly right up to that wire and go after him.

Super Dog

After all, I am Super Dog.


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Found and Lost

Bongo checking out a long wire on the groundSomeone’s at it again – leaving strange things on my trails. But this time they left something, and then they took something away.

I found a wire today – a very long wire. It kind of looks like a big crack in the rock, but if you look really hard you can see that wire going over my paw – not under it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out how that wire got there. My person says since it’s in a wash the water probably brought it there last time it rained.

Okay – so what was it doing further up the wash. There’s nothing there but trees, bushes, and more wash.

I wonder what I could do with that wire.

I could string it across the trail so it would trip the javelina when they came to eat the prickly pears.

I could form it into a cage and put Scratchy in it.

I wonder if I could capture the thunder in it and then throw it away.

While I was figuring out what to do my person made me leave that wire where I found it. How am I going to do anything with it if I can’t take it with me?

As we headed down the trail I came across another mystery. A tree that we pass almost every day was missing a branch. I know that branch was there yesterday.

I looked everywhere for it and I never did find it. I guess maybe the rain sent it down the wash.

Bongo near a tree with a small branch on his back


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