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Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

Bongo splashing the waterDo you know what today is?

It’s one of my favorite days.

Well, it’s going to be one of my favorite days. I didn’t know about this holiday last year.

Today is Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day.

I was really looking forward to splashing…




Bongo Getting One More Swim

Or maybe even swimming and splashing.

As long as I could get my people all wet.

But here’s what happened.

I went to my favorite puddle…

Bongo at the place where a puddle used to be

And it was gone!

Without my puddle how could I celebrate this special holiday?

So I talked my people into taking me on a new trail.

Bongo and his younger person on a trail

One that I’ve never been on before.

And I heard that it ended up at a creek.

So we wandered around and up and down and finally we ended up…

Bongo standing at the top of the world

At the top of the world!

I sat there with my younger person…

Bongo and his younger person looking at the view

And it didn’t seem like he was going to move.

Bongo and younger person sitting and looking at the view

I’ve got to figure something out – because now I know where the puddle is.

Bongo getting restless

And I’m going to find a way to get there.

Bongo looking the other way

Over there looks like a good place to start.

Bongo heading down the cliff

Yup, this way’s going to get me there.

Bongo part way down the cliff

Hey guys, this is the right way. Come on down here!

Bongo being made to climb back up

What do you mean, I’ve got to climb back up?

Bongo back on top

You’re missing the whole point.

I haven’t splashed in a puddle yet.

When are my people ever going to learn?


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Toad Migration

Bongo tied to a dead treeIf you’ve been following along on my blog the last few weeks you know that I found tadpoles in my puddle and then those tadpoles turned into little toadies.

And then somebody took my puddle.

But those toadies still hung around where my puddle used to be.

Every day when I’d go by there I’d see lots of little toadies hopping around where my puddle had been, but I never saw any toadies anywhere else on my trails.

Today, all that changed.

You see that area behind me?

Oops, I guess I’m blocking it.

red rock clearing

Is that better?

My person is standing near my puddle taking the picture

Today I found toadies almost to the end of that red rock clearing.

But then those toadies got stuck. They came across a humongous cliff.

No, not that thing way in the back of the picture. What the toadies found doesn’t look like much, but to them it’s enormous.

Two toads climbing a rock

Check out these guys – if you can find them. They kind of blend in.

One of these toadies is bravely making the ascent, but the other one looks stuck.

Toad at a cliff base

This one looks stuck too.

Right at the bottom of the cliff.

toad at the base of graduated rocks

This toadie might be a little smarter than the rest. It found stepping stones.

But check these next toadies out.

Toad peaking out from under a rock

Only one toadie really shows up in the picture, but believe me there are more toadies behind that one.

These toadies came to the cliff, decided it wasn’t worth climbing, and found a hideaway instead – right at the bottom of the cliff.

I tried to decide which was better – climbing the cliff to places unknown or hiding out at home with a bunch of buddies.

I guess some dogs will choose the cliff and some the hideout. We’re all different, just like those toadies.

But for me it didn’t take long to decide.

I started thinking what my blog would be like if I stayed in my hideout all the time.

It would be pretty boring.

So for me, it’s up that cliff – and off to adventure.

Here, I come!

Bongo, the Adventure Dog!

Do I need to get a new hat?


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