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Time to Move

Bongo looking at the viewI am so excited!

Just when I was losing confidence in all those builders, some of them are coming through.

You probably don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?

Or even what I’m looking at.






Maybe if I get a little closer you’ll be able to see what I’m looking at.

Bongo looking at a distant house and red rocks

No, not the rocks back there.

Look again.

I guess I’ve got to explain it to you.

Well a couple weeks ago I was exploring my trails and I found a house that somebody was building for me.

And then a couple days later I found another house being built for me.

There was just one thing wrong.

Neither house had a roof.

This is the rainy season here. I mean, what good is a house without a roof in the rain.

My girlfriends wouldn’t want to come to either of my houses if it meant they would end up wet.

But look! One of my new houses has a roof on it now.

I’d better gather up all my friends.

House under construction

My new house is waiting for me to move in.


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Who’s on the Roof?

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onI had to put on my Detective Dog hat again. And not for a mystery happening on my trails. This mystery is happening in my own house. Right now.

This is serious! You see, there’s somebody thumping around up on my roof. I’m sure they’re up to no good so I’ve got to find out who it is.

I know the sound of those pesky squirrels when they run around on my roof and this is not the same. Whoever this is is much heavier than a squirrel. And they don’t move the same.

They thump around a couple times and then they’re quiet. And then a little while later they thump some more. Sometimes in the same place and sometimes not. Guess I’d better go outside. Maybe I’ll be able to see who it is.

House with tree in front and snow on the roof

Hmm. I don’t see anybody up there. I’ll go check around the back. I bet they’re hiding from me on the other side of the roof.

House with snow covered trees behind it

There’s nobody back here either. I wonder where they went to? And who they are?

Hey, look! Snow treats.

Bongo eating snow off the ground

I wonder where this extra snow came from. There’s more here than anywhere else in the yard.

Oh, I bet it dropped off the tree in the corner of the yard.

What a nice surprise to find that snow treat in my yard, but I think I’ll go back inside and warm up now. Maybe if I run out quick next time I hear that thumping on the roof I’ll catch whoever it is.

Wait a minute! I think I have another mystery on my hands. I was just outside. The sky is perfectly blue. The pictures here even prove that so there’s no doubt about it.

But now that I’ve come back in the house I can clearly hear that it’s raining outside.

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Rain on the Roof

Small cloud raining on one spot on a houseI like water – a lot. Even when it’s raining on me. I don’t mind getting wet. In fact, it’s kind of cool.

But one thing I don’t like is the sound of rain pounding down on the roof when I’m inside the house. It’s a creepy, scary kind of sound – second only to thunder. And we get a lot of it this time of year.

Lately, we’ve had a new kind of rain on the roof. It sounds way different than the usual rain. It makes more of a pitter patter sound.

And this new rain doesn’t rain all over the roof at the same time. I hear it in one spot and then it moves along the roof going pitter patter, pitter patter. It’s not as scary as the usual rain. I actually don’t mind it much at all.

I’ve never seen this strange rain do what it does when I’m outside. You’d think with all my walks I’d catch that pitter pattery rain in action.

My person took her camera outside when it was happening and tried to take a picture of it. Except by the time she got outside it had stopped. She said the only thing she saw was a squirrel in a tree.

Squirrel in a tree

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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