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Pink Dragons

Pink DragonThere are some dangerous creatures out on my trails. I haven’t seen them yet, but my person told me there are dragons out there. And she said they’ll snap at you if you get too close.

I’ve heard stories about dragons. I’ve heard that they’re big, and they can fly. They can breathe fire too. My person said the dragons on my trails are pink. I wonder if they breathe pink fire.

That could be really bad. Pink fire could burn up all the trees and bushes on my trails – and it might even dry up my puddle too. I would have to go walking through a dark, crispy mass of tangled trunks. That wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. And the smells on my trails wouldn’t be the same at all.

What if those dragons breathed fire when my person and I were on my trails? Yikes! That could be really dangerous. We could turn into crispy critters.

Or what if some of my friends were on my trails and those dragons breathed fire? I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my friends.

That’s it! I’m going out there to face those dragons. There’s no way they’re going to hurt my friends.

Bongo Sniffing a Snapdragon

Hey person, I don’t know what you were thinking, but these dragons aren’t even snapping at me.



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Strange Neighbors

Bongo in front of neighbor's yardOne of my neighbors has a giraffe in his yard. He has an ostrich too. We don’t live in Africa so I’m trying to figure out how they got there. They aren’t even fenced in, but they never leave their own yard. I get all kinds of animals wandering into my yard – dogs, cats, javelinas, squirrels, lizards, and bunches of birds – but never a giraffe or an ostrich. I think I would like it if they came visiting.

I wonder what it would be like if they did. I’d have to be careful of that giraffe’s legs. They’re very long. I could probably run under the giraffe without him even noticing.

My person says I’d better be careful of the ostrich’s legs too because they can kick, and they can run very fast. If I made that ostrich mad I might be in deep trouble.

Well, my person says I have to tell you how that giraffe and ostrich got into my neighbor’s yard and why they don’t come over to my yard. In the town we live in there are a lot of artists and my neighbor is one of them. My person says he’s some kind of artist called a sculptor and he made the animals in his yard. And I thought only God made animals.

Giraffe and Ostrich

If you want to see more of my neighbor’s work you can check out his website here.


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I’m Abstract

Bongo AbstractSome of my blogging friends like Katie and Jennifer like to do abstract photography sometimes. Since my person made me do I’m doing an art blog this week I thought I would try my hand at abstract photography. I had to do it a little differently than my friends do, since I have trouble holding the camera.

I made my person hold the camera and I did the moving. What do you think? Is that a great photo of me, or what?

I think I should get my person to blow it up and hang it on the wall. After all, some of her stuff is on the wall. I think mine should be too.

Or, wait a minute – I have an even better idea. I could get my person to make a bunch of prints and I could sell them. I could be rich. I’m sure everyone would want one of these.

Hey person, who’s Rich? Is he one of your friends? I think I just want to keep being Bongo.


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Thunder Mountain

Painting of Thunder MountainFinally, here’s a painting that I was a part of. I tried to talk my person into painting me into it, but she would have nothing to do with that. She said the painting was a present and people usually only like paintings of their own dogs.

I thought everyone would want a painting of me.

Anyway, I was with my person when she took the picture that she did the painting from. We were on a really long walk that day – so this painting is from my trails, but further away than we usually go.

We have a good view of Thunder Mountain from the trailhead near my house, but this painting is from a different side of it.

When my person gets back home I’m telling her we need to go back there. Maybe I can help her do another painting of this mountain. Or maybe we can go to a different side of the mountain – one I haven’t seen before.

Hey person, I hope you don’t have anything to do when you get back home, because I have all kinds of plans for you.


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How Plain is Your Air?

Painting of Coffee Pot RockMy person might not have any paintings of dogs, but at least this one is a view from my trails. I was kind of mad at my person when she painted it though.

You know what she did? She put all her paints and brushes and stuff in a back pack and headed out to the trails without me. She made some excuse that her art teacher said she had to do a plein air painting.

Come on, person. I don’t care if the air is plain or not. I still want to go with you. You can paint while I’m with you. If I get bored I’ll just chase squirrels or coyotes or something.

Well, nothing I said would convince her to take me with her. She finally came back a couple hours later with this painting.

At least she took me out on my trails after that, but we didn’t stay out as long as she stayed out there by herself. I think she should buy me my own paints. Then we could go out and paint in the plain air together. I wouldn’t even mind painting with rain in the air.


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Horses at Church

Painting of Horses on the ReservationMore horses person? Don’t you ever do paintings of dogs? What about painting one of me? I’m famous you know.

What? You’re no good at drawing dogs? Well, you’d better get some practice in person. I want a dog picture.

Okay, I’ll tell them about this picture. My person goes to this place where the horses are and leaves me behind. Usually I have to stay home with my younger person. I wish she’d take me along.

But person, you said there are horses and cows and lots of dogs running around where you go. Why can’t I go running around with all those dogs? I know those dogs would like me.

What? I wouldn’t be allowed to sleep inside with you? And you’re afraid I’d run after the coyotes? Coyotes are dogs, aren’t they? So what’s wrong with running after them?

Okay person, I’ll tell them where you go. These horses were outside of a church that my person sometimes visits to help the people out. She says that most of the time there are more animals around that church than people. It’s out in the middle of nowhere on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona.

Hey, we live in Northern Arizona, person. Are we in the middle of nowhere?

My person says this church is way more isolated than we are. There are lots of dirt roads that you have to drive on to get there and there are no street signs so you have to go with someone who knows the way. At the church there is no running water and you have to go about a mile away to get it. The horses and cows go there to drink too. Can I go there to drink, person? What about those dogs? Do they drink there?

My person says the church has no electricity either and they have to use a generator. But she says what they do have are some great people and lots of them have become her friends.

Okay, there’s something I don’t get though. My person didn’t go there this week, but she says she is with some people who have been there with her. Okay person – who are you really with? And what are you doing? If you can’t come straight with me you’d better come home.


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Left Behind Again

Drawing of Horse at Monument ValleyMy person went off again, and she took her laptop with her. My younger person won’t let me use his. How am I supposed to write my blog?

What? I’m writing it? What do you mean? I can’t write it. I don’t have a computer.

Oh yeah. My person wants me to tell you she helped me plan ahead. She knew she wasn’t going to leave her computer with me because she wanted to take it with her. And I can’t write about my adventures with my younger person before I’ve had them, so we’re doing something different.

A long time ago my friend Rumpy asked if I would let my person post some of her art work, so I thought I would be nice to her and let her do some of that this week. I’m being picky though. I told her she could do animals, or stuff we’ve seen on my walks. That’s it.

So what does my person do? She doesn’t even have any dog pictures, so she gave me one of a horse.

Yeah, I’ll tell them person. She says she was in Monument Valley a long time ago – before she got me – and took a photo that she really liked, so she finally decided to draw it. Monument Valley is on the Navajo Reservation near the border of Arizona and Utah. She says this horse had Navajo blankets and tassels on it.

Hey person, I could use a comfy Navajo blanket to lie on while I’m waiting for you to come back home.


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