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What to do with Cats

Scratchy on top of a cat cageSomething happened while I was at the dog hotel.

The cats I live with took over my blog.

Do you believe it?

Cats on my blog!

And they tried to keep it a secret.

But one of my blogging buddies spilled the beans.

So I had to do something.

And I did.


I sent Scratchy to the vet.

Scratchy on cat cage

Scratchy hates the vet.

And they must not like him either.

When I go to the vet I get treats and loves.

Scratchy doesn’t get any treats or loves.

It was the perfect punishment for Scratchy.

But now I’ve got to figure out what to do about Gizmo.

Gizmo stretched out on the couch

He’s the chief instigator these days.

Bongo looking cute

I’m open for ideas.


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Cat Blogging

Gizmo lying on his backIt’s been really quiet lately.

No Bongo around.

Peaceful, but kind of boring.

Scratchy and Gizmo together on the futon

Hey Scratchy, check this out.

Bongo’s blog.

There aren’t any posts on it.

We can do whatever we want and he won’t notice.





Gizmo lying in front of the door

I think I’d better hang out by the door now.

I need some advance notice when Bongo comes back.


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Beat the Thunder

Bongo wandering off the trailI think I’ve got it figured out now.

My first attempt today didn’t work.

That was when my person went outside and then it thundered.

I pushed the door to the garage open and escaped through the open garage door.

I ran down the street and found one of my person’s friends driving by and he let me into his truck.

I thought he was going to drive me away from the thunder, but instead he took me to my neighbor’s house and my neighbor took me back home.

And there was still thunder there.

So later in the day when I took my person for a walk, I tried a new tactic.

I’ve heard of people running in a squiggly path to avoid being hit when someone is shooting at them.


So I decided I’d try that same thing with the thunder. I hardly stayed on the trail at all.

Bongo off the trail looking away

And it worked.

There was no thunder the whole time I was on my walk.

Gizmo lying on his back with his front paw in the air

Even though Gizmo was doing his best to evoke thunder in his sleep.

You’re going to have to do better than that Gizmo.

Bongo walking back toward the trail

Because I beat the thunder today!


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Taking Over

Bongo on his trail refusing to budgeThis is Gizmo.

You see, Bongo is out on his trails somewhere refusing to budge because of the thunder.

So I think it’s going to be a long time before he finally comes home.

I figured I’d better write this blog post for him so he doesn’t go a day without a post.

I’m sure he’ll thank me for it.

I’m not sure what he’s got against thunder anyway.



Gizmo on Back 01

I just take it in stride.

Yeah, it’s nice and cozy here inside the house.

Gizmo on his back on the carpet

No worries about Bongo running right over me when he goes from one spot to another.

He does that, you know. He doesn’t seem to care what or who is in his way.

I’ll just take advantage of Bongo’s fear of moving along on his trail.

Gizmo on his side on the carpet

He’ll be out there for a long time.



Here he comes now, and he looks mad.

Bongo with glowing eyes outside a glass door

Hey Bongo, I figured you’d be home late so I put together a blog post for you.

I hope you don’t mind.


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Bongo on the floor - Gizmo on the bedCheck out Gizmo.

He looks like a normal cat here doesn’t he?

Sitting on the bed like cats do.

Well, don’t let him fool you.

Gizmo is strange.



Gizmo on his back on a futon

Most of the time he is not a normal cat.

I mean, how many cats do you know that sleep on their backs like this?

Yeah, I know. You’re probably saying that’s not so weird.

But wait.

Just when you think that Gizmo might be only a little abnormal…

Gizmo spread out on his back

He changes position.

There’s no doubt in my mind.

Oh, the life of a dog who has to live with cats.


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Up to No Good

Bongo in his dog jail on his new bedI was hanging out in my dog jail – actually I was locked in my dog jail –

When Gizmo did what he does best.

Gizmo was up to no good.







He tried to steal my frog.

Gizmo with a toy frog and a toy snake coming after him

But Gizmo didn’t realize I’d sent my snake to get him.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat.


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Too Busy

Bongo looking cuteI hope nobody missed me yesterday.

You see, I had some important things to do and I ran out of time to tell you about my latest adventures.

I was busy…

I was busy doing…

What was I busy doing?

Oh yeah.

I had some important things to do.

Very important stuff.



Bongo with a tennis ball in his mouth

Like playing ball.

So I hope you understand that sometimes there’s stuff that’s just more important than posting to my blog.



What do you mean, I did post on my blog yesterday?

I didn’t post anything. I’m sure of it.

I’d better check.

Gizmo sitting up with his legs out


What are you doing on my blog?

Don’t ever get on my blog again!

It’s my blog. Mine!

As soon as I catch you I’m giving you what for.

Gizmo inside a cubby

Don’t even think you can escape by hiding in that cubby.


I’m going back to guard the computer now.

Will someone please let me know when Gizmo jumps down?


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Don’t Tell Bongo

Gizmo sitting up on the couchThis is Gizmo here.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to sneak on the computer when Bongo wasn’t looking.

And it’s about time I updated you on what’s going on around here.

You see, I’ve been elevated to the same status as the people.

Or maybe even a little higher.




Since I’m allowed on the couch like the people here, I thought maybe I should sit on the couch the same way they do.

Gizmo sitting up with his legs out

Bongo is relegated to the floor, or dog jail, so I know my status here is way above his.

Bongo looking as if he's waiting for something

I don’t even know what a floor dog needs a blog for.

I may have to take it over from him permanently.

Oh wait! Here comes Bongo.

I don’t want Bongo to find out what I’m up to.

This is Gizmo signing off now.


Yes, Bongo. I love you too.

Bongo kissing Gizmo

Oh, the things a cat has to put up with when he’s trying to pull something over on a dog.


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Where are They?

Bongo getting out of his kennelWhere are they?

Where are they?

I know they’re around here somewhere.








Maybe under here.

Bongo looking under his kennel

They must be somewhere else.

I’ll find those cats.

You know what those cats did to me?

They tied me up in dog jail.

And I was stuck there all day.

All day!

I’ll get those cats if it’s the last thing I do.

Bongo looking behind the couch - Gizmo on the couch

And when I find them I’m giving them what for.

They deserve every bit of it.


Those cats are nowhere to be found.

Guess I’ll take a break.

Bongo and Scratchy on the floor

I don’t believe it.

Normally I can’t get rid of those cats.

But now that I want to find them they don’t seem to be anywhere.

I’d better get some help.

Bongo with a pleading look

Hey person, I’m worried about those cats.

We’d better track them down.


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Cats Confide

Scratchy and Gizmo together on the futon“Hey Scratchy, what are we going to do about Bongo?”

“He’s locked up in dog jail Gizmo. I don’t think we have to do anything.”

“But what if he gets out?”

“He won’t get out. He never has yet. He couldn’t even chew his way out during a thunderstorm.”

“I’ve got a friend visiting today. What if she opens the door and lets him out?”

“Oh, yeah you’re right Gizmo. What about this rope here?”



“That rope’s too short to tie Bongo up with. But I’ve got a better idea.”

Scratchy and Gizmo together on the futon

“Great idea Gizmo. That was brilliant.”

“He’ll never get out of that dog jail now, will he Scratchy?”

“Not a chance. And Bongo will finally realize that not everyone who comes here to visit is coming specifically for his benefit.”

Bongo in dog jail with a rope tied onto it

“She’ll never be able to get Bongo out of there. She’ll probably give up before she even tries.”

“I’ll bet she won’t even notice that rope anyway because we both know she’s coming over here to see me.”

“Hey Bongo, are you having fun in there?”


This blog post was brought to you by “the cats.”


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