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Too Dark

Bongo's FaceA few days ago I figured out the master plan.

And it worked – sort of.

You see, I decided to wait to take my person for walks until the sun is almost down and everything is in shadow.

That way there’s nothing for my person to take pictures of.

It’s too dark.

My person has been going along with the late walks because it’s not so hot outside.

But she still tries to take pictures.

Usually she gives up pretty quickly because it’s too dark for anything to turn out.

So today I did my best to stall my person until it got dark enough.

Notice, you don’t see a picture of me balking.

It was too dark.

And you don’t see any pictures of those late blooming prickly pear blossoms we saw.

It was too dark.

But something went wrong.


My person found something to take pictures of anyway.

Sunset over Chimney Rock

Sunset and Chimney Rock

Sunset behind Chimney Rock

And it wasn’t too dark.

Guess I’ve got to come up with another plan.


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The Rain Changes Everything

Bongo looking away from a prickly pear blossomIt rained last night.

Really hard.

For a long time.

It’s been a very long time since we had rain.

So today when I went out on my trails, everything looked different.

The first different thing I found was my girlfriend Lucy.

The rain must have brought her out, because I haven’t seen her in a very long time.

And then I saw…

Hey person, look over there.

No, not that direction.

There’s nothing for you to take pictures of that you would be interested in looking at in that direction.


There have been no flowers on my trails for awhile now.

It’s been nice.


But a late blooming prickly pear popped out after the rain and of course my person had to take a picture.

Prickly pear blossom

At least there were only two blossoms on all of my trails so I got my person moving along fairly quickly.

And then I saw it!!!

My puddle!

Bongo by his puddle

My puddle had returned!

It’s been so long since I’ve seen my puddle that I almost forgot about it.

But my person said we couldn’t stay forever – it was getting dark.

So we saw a few ho hum things on our way back from my puddle.

Javelina tracks in the mud

Javelina tracks in the mud.

Clouds lit by the setting sun

And some clouds.


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My New Friend

Girl with a painted faceI got a new friend today.

My person must have been feeling guilty about not taking me to play with all those kids at Vacation Bible School…

…because she brought me a new friend.

It’s not every day that I get a new friend, so I was really excited when she showed up.

But I got kind of worried.

She might run out of room on her face for painting and try to paint mine.




So I decided to take her for a walk.

Bongo sniffing a tree with a girl standing next to him

She started out to be a great walker.

Waiting patiently while I checked my messages.

Bongo sniffing while the girl is pulling on his leash

Well, I thought she was waiting patiently.

Come on, new friend.

I’m not finished checking my messages yet.

Bongo refusing to budge

This is really bad.

My person must have given my new friend lessons.

She’s yanking on my leash just like my person does.

I’d better explain to her what a disaster it could be if I miss an important message.

Bongo and the girl walking down the trail

Wait a minute, new friend.

You don’t get it.

I’ve got to go back.


Does anybody know where there’s a training class to teach people how to walk their dogs?


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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Bongo in the wash on his trails

Come on person, we’ve got to get to work.

I don’t get it.

Today is a really special holiday, but it came on the wrong week.

Why didn’t it come last week?

That would have been much better.

You see, today is Take Your Dog to Work Day.

And you know where my person is working this week?

At home.

Do you believe it?

She’s working at home playing catch-up with all the things that she didn’t get done last week.

Because last week she was working at Vacation Bible School all week.

With all those kids and weird animals.

That’s where I wanted to go to work.

I would have even dressed up as a weird animal if I had to.

But I think those kids would have liked me no matter what.

I guess I’ll have to take my person to work with me instead.

My work is on my trails – where all my adventures lay waiting for me.

But while you’re waiting for me to come back and report on my next adventure, I thought I’d share a song with you.

It’s a special song for today.

Just click on this link: and take your dog to work.


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Don’t Look

Bongo in front of a blooming cholla cactusDon’t look person.

There’s nothing over here.

Just keep walking on the trail.

I’ll catch up with you as soon as I take care of business.

Just don’t look this way.






Red cholla cactus flowers

Person, you weren’t supposed to look over here.

I didn’t want you to see those cactus flowers.

Now I’m stuck.

She’ll be here taking pictures forever.


Red cholla cactus flowers

See. I told you so.


Whew! She didn’t take too many pictures this time.

Now we can get on with our walk.

Wait a minute!

What are you doing?

My person is so desperate to take pictures that she’s finding flowers that don’t even exist.

Green cholla cactus flowers

Since when do we have green flowers on my trails?

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Colorful Trouble

Bongo and some hedgehog cacti in bloomWhat’s this?

This splash of color here.

What is it?

Is it what I think it is?

Because if it is I’m really in trouble.

It means my walks are going to take forever the next couple of weeks.

Didn’t this just happen last year?

How come it has to happen again so soon?


I think I’m going to protest.

Hedgehog cactus in bloom

Yup. The hedgehog cacti are all starting to bloom again.

Hedgehog cactus blossom

And my person has to stop and take pictures of every one of them.

Hedgehog cactus blossoms

I might as well roll over and play dead.


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Find a Rainbow Day

Bongo on the kitchen floorToday is Find a Rainbow Day.

That means I’d better go find a rainbow.

We did have a rare occurrence last night.


So there must be a rainbow out there somewhere.

I didn’t think that a rainbow would be hiding in my house, so I took my person out for a walk.

It was a struggle getting her away from the computer, but I finally convinced her we had to go.

There were things to do and rainbows to see.

So I sniffed a few bushes to see if I could catch the rainbow scent.



Bongo Sniffing Bushes

Nothing there.

I checked behind a bush.

Bongo sniffing behind a sunlit bush

Still no luck.

Maybe there’s a rainbow hanging out with the flowers.

That seems like a logical place for a rainbow to be.

Bongo eating weeds under the bush of white flowers

I don’t know where these rainbows hide themselves.

I’m having no luck finding one.

Bongo sniffing below a sunlit tree

No rainbows around the trees either.

How can I celebrate Find a Rainbow Day if I can’t find one?

I finally gave up and decided to head back home for a nap.

Maybe I can dream about rainbows.

I headed into the house and I happened to look up at the sky.

Rainbow, clouds, and moon

What is that rainbow doing up there?


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Bongo leading a cousin to the trailI have what?


I don’t have any cousins.

Well, at least none that you know about.

You don’t even know who my real parents are.

What? Wait. What?

What do you mean, they’re not my cousins?


Then who’s cousins are they?

Your cousins?

You have cousins?

Oh. They’re coming to visit us?

They’re coming to visit us!

I’d better get busy.

I’ve got to get a training plan together.

I’ve got to train them right while they’re here.

How much time have I got?

They’re here?

Hey cousins. Here’s my leash.

Hold onto it and I’ll show you where my trails are.

Cousins on the trail without Bongo

These cousins are not doing a good job.

If they don’t hold onto my leash they’re going to get lost.

I’m sure of it.

Bongo and cousin

That’s much better.

At least I can keep one cousin from getting lost.

Bongo with cousin

Now, let’s see what kind of adventures we can run into.


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Slacking Again

Brown DogAwhile back I wrote about a dog I found who wasn’t doing her job.

You can check that story out here.

You see, she was out on my trails without giving a person a walk.

And that’s one of a dog’s jobs.

We’ve got to give our people exercise.

So today, guess who I saw.

The same brown dog slacking on the job again.

She was out having a great time all by herself.

At least she was friendlier this time.

Brown dog with Bongo

Oooh! I think I might have found a new girlfriend.

If she doesn’t have a person to give a walk to, she can help me give my person walks.

I was getting really excited at the thought of having a new girlfriend that would help out in the walk department when someone showed up.

It was my new girlfriend’s friend’s person.

And another dog too.

So much for that plan.

I wonder if there are any other cute girl dogs running around by themselves on my trails.


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Trail Block

Manzanita bush bloomingThere she goes again.

Taking pictures of flowers.

I’m in trouble from now till the end of summer.

There’s much better things to do than make your dog sit around and wait just so you can take flower pictures.





Manzanita blossoms

Didn’t you hear me?

I said there’s much better things.

Like maybe you should take notice of what’s going on around you.

Bongo near a line of rocks across the trail

Like this, for instance.

Just look at this!

Some do gooder is trying to block up my trails again.

They seem to do that all the time.

If there’s two ways to get somewhere they decide you only need one way and they block one off.

It doesn’t matter that everybody’s had those two options for years.

Don’t they know that variety is the spice of life?

Bongo looking like he wants something done about the rocks across the trail

Hey person, aren’t you going to do something about this?

Because this do gooder only blocked off one of the entrances to this trail.

So if I enter the trail on the unblocked side – I’ll eventually come around to this blocked part.

And if I’m an obedient dog that obeys all the trail blockings I won’t be able to cross over so I can continue on down the trail.

Then what do I do?

Hey person, if you take a picture of those flowers you’re going to have to cross over this blockade.


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