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Big, Big Dogs

Horse shoe prints in the dustWhat a day I had!

First, I saw these strange prints on my trails.

They don’t look like people prints and they’re certainly not from any animal I know.

I saw prints like these once, a long time ago.

And I never did figure out what they were.

I started to head home to get my Detective Dog hat and figure out this mystery when I came across another clue.


Bongo checking out horse droppings

Hmmm. This stuff tastes kind of good. I wonder where it came from.

My person wouldn’t let me finish the stuff off – and I guess it would have destroyed all the evidence anyway – so I continued on my way to get my hat.

When I saw them.

The biggest dogs I have ever seen in my life!

Two horses coming down the trail

And they were coming right at me!

They passed right by me on my trails.

Two horses on the trail with Thunder Mountain in the background

And there were people riding on their backs.

My person better never try to ride on my back.

Oh oh. Here come some more of those dogs.

Two more horses coming down the trail

Hey, where are those big dogs going?

Do you believe it? They just walked by me.

Horses walking away

And they didn’t even stop to say “Hi.”

Bongo trying to chase after the horses

Hey big dogs, come back here!

I’m not through with you yet.


This is terrible!

Not only did those big dogs just walk away…

Bongo's leg with cactus stickers in it

They made a cactus try to hold me in place so I couldn’t follow them.

I’ll take care of those dogs alright.

They won’t get away with ignoring me on my own trails.

Helicopter in the air

I’m sending the helicopter squad out to pick them up.


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Missing Person

Detective DogYesterday my investigation was a bust.

I guess even Detective Dog can’t be perfect all the time.

But today I have another investigation.

I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of this one.

You see, there is a personless dog that sometimes runs around my neighborhood.






Brown dog near a road

All the dogs in my neighborhood have people that they take on walks with them, except this poor dog.

I really have to admire this dog though.

I mean, how many dogs would go on walks if it wasn’t for needing to give their people exercise?

Giving your people their exercise is such a good motivator, but this dog goes on walks by himself.

He even does some jogging.

Brown dog jogging

But where are this dog’s people? Why aren’t they letting him take them on walks?

That’s what I need to investigate.

I almost had an answer right from the dog’s mouth.

I saw him a ways off on my trails and then he started following me home.

I was all ready to befriend him. He really looks like he could use some friends.

But my person totally blew it for me.

Because every time she walks toward this dog he runs in the opposite direction.

Dog running away

My person is not doing a very good job.

I think I may have to fire her and hire myself a new assistant.

I bet this dog needs a job.


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Rock Fruit

Red rocks in a treeThis is strange.

I’ve never seen rock fruit before.

I thought these trees just grew little berries.

But how else could these rocks have gotten here?

Maybe a really big storm could blow rocks into trees.

But we haven’t had any storms like that lately.

I guess I should investigate.


Time for my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

My first investigation will be how to reach those rocks so I can check them out.

I’ve got to see if they’re really some kind of fruit that looks like rocks – or if they’re really just rocks like they look like.

Maybe I can find a big rock to stand on – or some branches.

Oh, wait. This is too hard.

Do I really care what those rocks are doing?

I think I’ll do something else instead.

I’m going to give you something to investigate.

So here it is.

Here’s your investigation.

Rocks in a tree and Bongo hidden in the picture

Find me in this picture.

Where’s Bongo?


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Finding Clues

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onI’ve got some investigating to do.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of strange things on my trails the last few days so I’m going to start out right.

I’ve got my Detective Dog hat on already.

I’m ready to go.

So here’s what’s happening.

There’s a spot just off of one of my trails that has strange rocks piled up around a small clearing.


But my person won’t let me go investigate that spot because when we walk by there are people guarding it.

I’m not sure if they’re really people.

They’re probably aliens or something.

But since they’re guarding that place I’ve got to see if I can find some clues to what that place is somewhere else on my trails.

They had to get to that spot somehow, and that means they’ve probably left some evidence.

I’ve found some strange smells, but for some reason people won’t accept smells as evidence.

If they’d only improve their noses.

So I searched and searched for something my person could see.

And finally I found it.

Way off on a little side trail that hardly anyone ever uses, there it was.

Bongo by a pile of rocks and sticks

Whoever piled up those strange rocks in that other place must pile up rocks wherever they go.

Yup, they’ve been here alright.

Pile of rocks and sticks

Now that I know where they’ve been I’ve just got to figure out who they are.

But until I get to the bottom of this –

Don’t stop and talk to any aliens.


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The Aliens are Coming!

Bongo on his trailsThere’s something happening on my trails.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think somebody is shining a giant spotlight on my rocks.

Who would do such a thing?

Oh, that’s right – this is Sedona. It’s probably a giant UFO.

That UFO must be hidden among the clouds so nobody can see it.

I bet the aliens in that UFO want to see what’s under the clouds – so they found a hole in the clouds and they’re shining a beam of light right through them.

And that light is hitting my rocks and making them look really strange.

I’d get my Detective Dog hat on and investigate this – but I think Detective Dog is scared of aliens so I’m going to leave this one for someone else to investigate.

I’ll just show you some pictures of what I’ve been seeing and maybe one of you can help me figure this out.

Red rocks with one spot lit up

Close up of lit up red rocks

Lit up Sedona red rocks

Anybody see any aliens?

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Bottle Note

Bottle with a note on it on a trail cairnHmmm. This is strange.

This is really strange.

Somebody left some strange stuff right by the sign on my trails.

And there’s a note on this bottle.

I’ve heard of notes in bottles, but I didn’t know that notes came on bottles.

Maybe this is a first.

My person’s mom found a note in a bottle on a beach once.

Now I’ve found a note on a bottle on my trails.

I wonder if somebody needs rescuing.

I’d better investigate.

Bongo and the bottle with the note

I’m having trouble reading this note, but I think it says something about somebody being lost and going to a different trail.

I wonder which way they went.

Maybe I’ll find some clues over here.

Bongo checking the bushes for clues


They didn’t go this way. I’m sure of it.

How am I supposed to rescue these people if I can’t even find them?

Guess I’ll have to go to Plan B.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

Detective Dog to the rescue!


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Berry Conspiracy

Bongo near a pile of juniper berriesHmmm.

I think I’ve got another mystery on my paws.

Something strange is happening around here.

You see these berries by my feet?

These are juniper berries – and they’re gathering in clumps all over the place.

There might be some kind of conspiracy going on.

I wonder if any of them are hiding in this grass.

Bongo stepping on a pile of juniper berries and sniffing the nearby grass

I don’t see any here.

This is strange. This is really strange.

This means they’re not even afraid.

They’re all out in the open where everybody can see them.

What are they up to?

I think I’d better go home and get my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

Much better.

Now to get to work.

Pile of juniper berries on the ground

One of these berries has got to be willing to spill the beans – I mean the berries – I mean…


Which one will it be?

I think I know.

That one with the funny face over there.

Alright Funny Face. What do you know?

Give it to me loud and clear.

Juniper berry with a funny face and hat


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Yoda Come Back

YodaI always thought Yoda was this great and powerful Jedi knight, but until I met him in person doggin I didn’t realize how little he was.

I guess Yoda is something like a habanero chili – a lot of punch in a little package.

Yoda and I could make a great team.






When I put on my Detective Dog hat…

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

And investigate a mystery and find a bad guy –

Yoda could get out his light saber and go after him.


But when I met Yoda…

Bongo and Yoda

He didn’t even have a light saber.

Yoda, how are you going to conquer the dark side of the force without your light saber?

And then – this makes me really sad – Yoda didn’t seem to want anything to do with me.

Yoda walking away from Bongo

As a matter of fact, Yoda acted like he was afraid of me.

Yoda leaving Bongo

Yoda come back!

I won’t try to steal your light saber.

Just because I’m part black doesn’t mean I’m on the dark side.

See, I’m part white too. I’m one of the good guys.

Where are you going Yoda?



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A Simple Investigation

Bongo sniffing a branch with yellow and green leavesLately my person has been having all the adventures and leaving me in dog jail.

Totally unfair!

I guess she felt sorry for me because she decided to give me something to investigate.




I didn’t bother to tell her that this investigation wasn’t even worth getting on my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t much of an investigation at all.

But it did allow me some great sniffs, so I’m not complaining.

We saw that two toned bush in the first picture. I swear it was all green the last time we walked by here.

But then we saw something even stranger.

Bongo sniffing behind a sunlit bush

We saw bushes that seemed to glow on their own, almost as if they had lights inside them.

And after those bushes, we saw a tree doing the same thing.

Bongo across the wash from a sunlit tree

But I solved this mystery far too easily.

There’s no electricity on my trails so it has to be something else.

Check this out.

Bongo sniffing below a sunlit tree

This is so obvious I don’t know why my person didn’t figure it out herself.

If I dig right here it will be obvious to everyone.

They buried the batteries right next to the tree.


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Brightly Colored Bags

Bongo and a green bagStrange things showed up on my trails today.

As I headed out I saw something green in the distance.

Normally I would think nothing of seeing green. There are all kinds of shades of green on my trails. But this was a new shade of green.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. At least not on my trails.

When I got close I found that somebody had left a little bag. I thought maybe they’d left me a present.

But my person said it wasn’t for me and I had to leave it there.

Okay person, you’d better give me some treats when we get home if I leave this.

I left it. I’m still waiting for the treats.

We headed on down the trail.

We hadn’t gone far when I saw something blue peeking out of the bushes.

Something blue behind a bush

The only blue I ever see on my trails is in the sky so this was really strange.

When we got closer I saw that it was another bag.

Blue bag behind a bush

A blue bag behind a bush.

It reminded me of the time I found a blue Easter egg on my trails.

Person, this is like a treasure hunt. I know someone is leaving those bags for me to keep.

I wonder what’s inside.

I guess my person knew more than she’d been letting on because she decided to tell me what’s inside.

She asked me if I remembered those black bags that we get at the Pet Waste Station at the beginning of the trail.

Bongo sniffing near a little black bag

You mean these bags?

Then I figured it out.

But those dark bags contain dark poop.

I’ve never seen a dog with blue poop, or green poop.

I might have to put on my Detective Dog hat and investigate this.


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