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Red Trails Again

Red Rocks in snow and cloudsThis is our second day of falling snow and it still isn’t covering up my trails.







Bongo speckled with snow

I haven’t been able to figure out why that snow can cover me up, but not my trails.

I guess some good things came out of it though. Lots of squishy mud.

Bongo and his paw prints in the mud

We met a man that looked like he had had a close encounter with some of that squishy mud. It gave me a great idea. What if my person and I did some mud wrestling? It would be almost as much fun as playing in snow. I tried to suggest it to my person and she wouldn’t go for it. People just don’t know how to have fun.

Well, most people anyway. We met two people who were laughing as they came around a bend. I think they were having fun. And they hadn’t even been doing any mud wrestling. I thought I’d do them a favor by showing them how tasty snow is. They didn’t want any though. They might know how to have fun, but they’re missing out when it comes to good taste.

Raven flying in a snowstorm

The ravens looked like they were having great fun today.

Raven flying near a tree

They usually don’t come this close to us, but I guess they were enjoying the snow.

Raven sitting in a tree

But since I can’t fly and my person won’t mud wrestle with me I’ll have to have fun in the snow a different way.

Maybe I can pretend I’m Waldo’s dog.

Bongo hiding among the snowy trees

Can you see me?


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Snow for a Snow Dog

Snow Covered YuccaIt snowed today. Almost all day. It finally stuck on the trees and bushes, but we never got much on the ground.

My person checked on her friends on Facebook and you know what she discovered? Her friends that live south of Tucson built a snowman today. And her my friends that live a few miles from us and at a much lower elevation – what’s that word mean again, person? – they live down the hill from us, built a snowman today.

I’m not asking for a snowman, but a snow dog would be nice. But we don’t even have enough snow on the ground to do that.

Bongo eating snow off of low hanging branches

I had to get my snow treats off the trees today.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about that. Those treats were at the perfect level. I didn’t have to bend over.

Bongo on a red trail in snow

Not enough snow for a snow dog here either. Maybe I could mix some mud into the snow. A red and white snow dog might look pretty cool.

Bongo on a rock with snow and puddles in the distance

Even my wash is looking pretty sad. I think there’s more puddles than snow down here.

And now it’s not even snowing any more. How am I ever going to build a snow dog if the snow stops coming down?

Thunder Mountain in snow

Hey! I think I just figured out what happened to all the snow. It got stuck on top of those big rocks.

I wonder how I could get those rocks to shake around a bit and send some of that snow flying this way.


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Washed Out

Bongo in the washI really love going into the wash on my trails. It has the best smells and it’s full of quail to chase. Well, I wish I could chase them. They’re always running away through the bushes long before I ever get near them.

The wash isn’t really a trail, but it does have trails leading down into it. One of those trails, my favorite, my person usually won’t let me use. Sometimes when the ground is moist and soft she lets me go down it but otherwise she says it’s got too many loose rocks for how steep it is. Just because I jumped all over her the one time she did slip. I thought she just got on the ground so we could wrestle. How was I to know?

But there’s another trail into the wash a little ways past that one. It’s not so steep so my person lets me use that one most of the time. Sometimes when it’s been raining a lot she doesn’t want to go into the wash at all. And that’s the most fun time, too. I love splashing in all those puddles. My person just doesn’t know how to have fun.

Today I found a new trail into the wash. And it takes me into the wash even earlier than those other trails.

And guess what. That upper part of the wash has some special surprises in it. Things that must get washed out before they get further down the wash.

Today I found something really special.

Bongo eating snow

The only patch of snow left anywhere on my trails. Time for a treat!

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Where is Nemo?

Snow falling on BongoSome of my friends in the eastern part of the States have had a visit by someone called Nemo. Nemo seems to like snow because he brought a lot of that with him. The people there are buried in snow, but some of my dog friends are having a great time playing in it.

I thought it would be  fun to have some of that snow to play in, so I went out to see if Nemo had stopped by here.

I think maybe Nemo shook his head this direction because a lot of white flakes landed on top of me. They kind of look like dandruff. I think maybe Nemo needs to use a new shampoo.

Nemo, you might want to try some of mine. It works pretty good.

I figured Nemo was getting pretty close if he could shake his head and have stuff land here so I went looking, but I didn’t have much luck.

Bongo sniffing a little snow in a pine tree

Nemo, are you hiding in this tree? I think you left something behind.

Wait a minute. I think I found something.

Bongo eating snow from a small snow patch

No this doesn’t look like it came from Nemo either. Maybe from one of his little brothers. A very tiny little brother.

This is no good. I’m very jealous of my doggie friends that have all that snow to play in while I’m having no luck.

What, person?

I’m lucky I can’t find Nemo? Why would you say that?

If anybody out there sees Nemo, could you tell him to stop by and see me, and bring some of his snow? And not just what he shakes out of his head either.

I mean it. I’m really serious about finding Nemo.

P.S. My person and I send our prayers to everyone who is digging their way out of the storm.


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Not the Trails

Bongo in the StreetAre you crazy, person? I’m not taking you on my trails today. There’s thunder out there. And besides, it’s snowing and blowing and I only like snow when it’s on the ground and I can play in it.

Look, there’s no snow on the ground. What good is it if it’s not on the ground? Let’s go back in the house.

Okay fine. We don’t have to go back in the house yet, but I’m not taking you on those trails. We can walk around the block. Come on person. This way.


Bongo walking down the street

Besides, maybe some of my trail friend dogs will be around here. I know no self-respecting dog will be out on the trails right now.


This house is what? Who lives here? Kaiser? You told me you talked to one of Kaiser’s people and you’re going to let me meet him. You never let us get together when we see him on my trails. So what about it, huh?


What do you mean, we’re going home now. I had to give Kaiser what for – let him know who’s boss. Now we can be friends next time we meet.

But I’m not ready to go home yet. Kaiser’s cat comes into my yard sometimes. I’ve got to make sure he stays over here.

Person! Let go of my leash!

This is embarrassing. I couldn’t even go after a cat.

Where do you think you’re going, person?

We are still not going on those trails.

I’m taking you home.


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Where Is It?

Thunder MountainI don’t see it here. Where is it?

You said it was coming. How come I’m not finding it?






.Maybe it’s over here.

Bongo looking around

Nope. I don’t see it anywhere.

Is it over this way?

Bongo looking the other way

Not here either.

Where is it?

A couple days ago we had a really warm day and we hiked up Sugarloaf. Person, you said we were taking advantage of the nice weather because snow was on its way.

And then yesterday it got cold and cloudy and you still said snow was on its way. I started getting really excited because I love playing in the snow.

So this morning I was all ready to run out and play in the snow. But there wasn’t any. There weren’t even any clouds anymore.

But person, you said we were getting snow, so it must be around here somewhere.

I don’t care if the weatherman messed up. If he’s hiding that snow from me he’d better come forth with it. Nobody’s keeping my snow from me.

What do you mean, I’m not going to find any snow?

That’s not fair!

Could you at least get me a couple ice cubes then?

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Appreciating the Weather

Bongo sniffing something on the trailToday was one of those T-shirt kind of days that we sometimes get here in January. My person said snow was on the way so we needed to take advantage of the weather while it’s here. So off we headed on my trails.








Bongo heading up a trail

Hey person, this isn’t our usual way to go. Where am I taking you?

Bongo in a small patch of snow

Did you say snow was on its way? There’s some snow already hanging out here.


When I finished checking out the snow that seemed to like this warm weather, we headed on up the trail.

Bongo heading up a steep trail

Where am I taking you person? This trail’s really steep.

Bongo looking down the trail

Are you coming, person? You seem to be taking your time.

Bongo looking worn out

You can slow down now, person. I need a rest.


Finally, we made it to the top.

Bongo and view over edge of houses below

Can you see our house down there?

Hey, this is pretty cool. A what kind of view is it? Panoramic view? I don’t see any pans from here? Just an old coffee pot.

Mogollon Rim from Sugarloaf

Mogollon Rim


Coffee Pot Rock

Coffee Pot Rock


Coffee Pot Rock

Coffee Pot Rock


Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain


Hey, I worked really hard to get up here.

Bongo looking down the trail

What do you mean, we have to go back down again?





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