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I’m Rich!

Bongo in front of a bushI found it! I found it! I’m rich! I’m rich!

I just found the best treasure ever on my trails.

I didn’t have to dig for it. It’s not a buried treasure.

No. It’s right here in plain sight.

Well, it’s a little ways off my trail and that’s probably why nobody found it before me.

But now I found it, and it’s mine.


Oh, you can’t tell what this plant is that’s hanging out behind me?

Bush with round white things on it

It’s a money tree! And it’s all mine.

Can you imagine what I can do with all the money from this tree?

All the treats I can buy?

I’ll be in treat heaven. And then everybody will be coming and giving me loves so they can have some of my treats.

What? You can’t tell this is a money tree?

Check this out.

A cluster of round flat white things on a bush

Do you see the coins hanging on this tree?

Two clusters of coin like things hanging from a bush

Look. They’re all over it.

Now don’t get any ideas.

I found this tree and it’s mine.

I’m not telling anyone where it is.

But if you’re real nice to me…

Bongo smiling in front of the money tree

I might give you a coin so you can buy a treat.

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Fitting the Clues Together

Bongo sniffing branches on the groundWhat is this? What are all these branches doing on the ground? I’d better check this out.

I’ve had so many mysteries on my trails lately. It’s been keeping Detective Dog busy.

Speaking of Detective Dog, I’d better get my hat on.





Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There, that’s better. Now I can delve into this mystery.

Wait a minute! There’s a tree right here that’s missing a bunch of branches.

Tree with missing branches

I wonder if – I wonder if…

No, it’s not possible.

Could all of these branches have fallen off of this tree?

No, when I look closer I see that there’s been some hacking going on.

Somebody hacked these branches off this tree.

I wonder who it could be.

Look here! Is this another clue?

This hacked tree is right next to the prickly pear cactus that I found damaged awhile back.

And over there is the other tree that lost its branches.

Damaged trees and damaged prickly pear cactus

I just realized where we are.

Right over there is the place where the Litter Bugs hang out.

Damaged tree in front of a clearing

This will make my job really easy.

All I have to do is find those Litter Bugs.

I bet they’ll be able to tell me who damaged this tree.


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Broken Branches

Bongo sniffing around a damaged treeWhat is going on here? There are broken branches all over the ground.

We haven’t had any storms around here lately. None of that nasty thunder and lightning and not even any rain or hail. Maybe some wind, but not enough to knock all these branches down.

I’d better get my Detective Dog hat on and check this out.






Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

That’s better. Now I can check for clues.

Bongo sniffing around damaged tree

Wait a minute! Look at that tree that’s surrounded by all these loose branches. Somebody has hacked it all up.

I wonder if somebody else brought all these branches here to try and repair the tree.

If that’s what happened they left before they finished.

Now I have even more mysteries.

What to do? What to do?

Guess I’d better look for more clues.

Bongo sniffing for clues

Hey, I think I just saw a hawk fly by.

Maybe the hawk brought all those branches here and it flew away to look for more.

Or maybe little mice brought the branches and the hawk chased them off.

It would probably take a lot of little mice to carry each one of those branches.

I bet that would look pretty cool – seeing all those little mice work together.

Maybe if I hang out here for awhile the hawk won’t come back and the little mice will get brave and come out again.

I think I’ve solved another mystery.

Oh, wait! I’ve got two mysteries. I know that little mice brought the branches, but who hacked that tree up in the first place.

Maybe the little mice know. I think I’ll just wait here and ask them.


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The Best Smells

Good scents on SugarloafYesterday I told you about a smelly tree that I have to pass on the way to my trails. My person said that tree was probably trying to attract bees, but it wasn’t doing a very good job. I didn’t find a single bee around that tree.

I left the tree and went on to sniff much better things on my trails. Things that have messages attached so I can tell what my dog buddies have been up to.

And while I was sniffing I learned something new.

Bees must be kind of like dogs. They don’t like those smelly trees either.

They seem to like the bushes with the interesting smells too.

Although I stopped smelling this particular bush when I heard the buzzing sound.

Bee on a branch

This bee was on the busy side, and I didn’t want to disturb him.

Bee hanging from a branch

Getting on the wrong side of a bee is kind of like getting on the wrong side of a cactus.

I’ll go find another bush to sniff.


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What’s that Smell?

Bongo sniffing his favorite rockThe last few days there’s been a strange smell on the corner of my street. I smell it every time I walk by there to get to my trails.

It’s not like the smell of my favorite rock. I drag my person over to this rock every day when go near it. You see, it’s not quite on our path, but it ‘s worth going out of the way for.

No, this strange smell isn’t anything like my message spots. It’s kind of a girlie smell, but not like any girl I’d want to hang out with.

It smells sort of like perfume, but I sure hope none of my girlfriends wear perfume like that. I prefer a good old strong dog scent to that smell.

My person says the smell is coming from this tree and the tree is probably trying to attract bees.

Tree covered in white blossoms

If bees like the smell of that tree there’s got to be something wrong with them. I mean, who would want to go after that smell?

But maybe those bees are smarter than I thought.

white blossoms


I don’t see any of them hanging around this tree.

They probably found something that smelled much better.


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Mark a Tree

Tree with an orange ribbon in itThe other day my person and I were walking along my trails. It was a snowy kind of day. Not enough snow to be good for playing in – just enough to wash the color out of everything.

And then I saw it. Brightly standing out. Right at the point where my person and I usually turn around and head back for home. You couldn’t miss it in all of its orangeness. A ribbon tied to a tree. It hadn’t been there before.

I puzzled about that ribbon on our way back home. We were almost to the end of the trail – when there it was.




Orange ribbon in pine tree


That ribbon had beaten us back home. And now it was tied to another tree. And it was almost as if that ribbon was trying to tell us what to do. Turn around here. End your walk here.

I am not going to follow a ribbon. Orange or otherwise. I just won’t do it.

If that ribbon thinks it’s going to tell me where to go, I’m going to go a different way. I’ll turn around at a different place, and I’ll find a different ending of my trails to come out on. No orange ribbon is telling me what to do.

But wait. Maybe that orange ribbon isn’t there for me at all. Maybe I won’t have to change which trails I walk on. Maybe that orange ribbon is there to mark the beginning and end of a race. I bet those pesky squirrels are racing on my trails.

Now’s my chance. I’ll wait until those pesky squirrels run by, and I’ll stick my paw out and trip them. Every last one of them.

And then I’ll give those squirrels what for to make up for all the times they’ve been hanging out in trees harassing me.

I wonder if I could get that orange ribbon to lay out a different course. Maybe between two trees closer together with bare ground in between.

I hope those squirrels obey orange ribbons better than I do.

Squirrel in a tree


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The Bone Tree

Tree with the sun shining throughThere’s a special tree near the beginning of my trails. Well, actually there are two special trees.








One is the peanut tree.

That’s where those pesky squirrels keep all their peanuts until they get hungry for them. I’m just waiting to catch one of those pesky squirrels under there.

Squirrel in a tree

But that’s not the tree I’m talking about. The other special tree is the bone tree. I found it when my person wanted to go back by it to take pictures of some flowers. What a treat! There are bones everywhere under there.

But my person wouldn’t let me take any of them home with me.

And now she won’t even let me go back near that tree.

But something’s been happening lately. Some of those bones have been finding their way out near my trail.

I don’t know what dog in his right mind would put a bone there and just leave it. But that’s what happened.

But now I have a real dilemma.

My person won’t let me take the bones I find.

Maybe I can nonchalantly (did I say that word?) walk by that bone and quietly snatch it up as I keep walking along.

That didn’t work either. She made me drop it.

Come on, person. Let me have that bone!

Bongo trying to get a bone

I guess I’m one of those dogs I was talking about who’s not in his right mind.

No! No! Let me have the bone!

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Tree Litterer

Bongo looking at something in a treeThere is something really strange hanging from that tree over there. I’ve never seen a piece of fruit with a shape like that.

I’m concerned. I’ve been finding litter on my trails lately. My person and I have been taking the litter and throwing it away. Now it looks like someone is hanging the litter from trees.

This is getting to be a serious litter war. These litterers are not only trying to see who can leave the most litter, but they are trying to see who’s litter will last the longest. They’re putting it in places where it’s not easy to pick up and throw away.

I don’t think I can even reach that tree litter. I’ll have to jump pretty high. I might even have to get my person to help me with it.

I’d better check this out a little closer. Maybe that will give me a clue as to who left it here. If I find the guilty litterer I’m going to give him what for for sure.

Hey, wait a minute! This is really strange.

You know what this is? It’s a bunch of seeds.

Bird Seed Hanger

Why would anyone want to hang seeds from a tree? If someone wants to plant seeds they should put them in the ground.

If they leave those seeds here the birds will get them before they can sprout.

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Bird Disturb

Bongo Sniffing in the WashI was hanging out in the wash on my trails and I’d found some really good smells. I sniffed around and was really enjoying myself when out of the tree next to me came a big whoosh. A large bird went flying off.

That is pretty nervy of that bird to disturb my sniffing. After all, I was just really getting into it. And to make matters worse, my person got out her camera and drug me away from my smelly spot toward the tree that bird had landed in.

Not only had the bird disturbed me but my person had totally ruined my sniffing. I don’t even know why my person got out her camera. There’s no way she’s going to get close enough to get a good picture.

Hey bird! Shoo! Go fly away. Then I can go back to my sniffing.

I guess that bird decided it would side with me because it flew off again when we started getting close. Now I can get back to my sniffing.

Hey person, that’s the wrong way. My sniffing spot’s back that way. The way we came from before that bird flew off.

Next time I’m going to glue that bird’s feet to the tree.

Raptor in a Tree


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Quail Tree

Quail Tree

Can You Find the Quail?

Sometimes when my person and I walk on the trails near dark we pass by the quail tree. This tree looks like any other tree, but when we get near it we hear lots of wing flapping and clucking and see quail flying everywhere.

If we didn’t startle those quail by walking by we wouldn’t even know they were there. They blend right in to the tree. I’m not sure why they fly away. Maybe they think we’re going to climb the tree and go after them.

Maybe the birds that fly away are the guard birds and they’re distracting us from other birds around the tree. Hey, I hadn’t thought of that. I’d better start checking around that tree. Maybe I’ll find some tasty morsels.

Oops – I just felt a yank on my leash. My person says no tasty morsels for me. At least not any quail flavored ones. I guess I’ll just have to drool – next time I pass that quail tree.

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