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Puddle Palooza

Bongo checking out weedsSome of you might remember my puddle. The one that keeps disappearing. Running off, or whatever it does.

My puddle comes and goes and I never know what to expect.

Well, my puddle has been gone for a very long time now.

I asked my friends if they’d seen it, I put up Missing Puddle signs, and I even tried to get the police to put out an All Points Bulletin.

The police wouldn’t go for it. I don’t know why.

I’m still looking for my puddle. We haven’t had any rain here for a long time and it sure would be nice to have a puddle to splash in.

I wish I could convince my puddle to come back so I could do that.

Today I was wandering around where my puddle used to be, feeling kind of mopey because it was still missing, when I noticed something new.

Something had grown to take the place of my puddle.

It’s still not the same as having my puddle to splash in, but I started checking this out.

Weeds! Tasty weeds!

If I can’t have my puddle, at least I have something to munch on.

But what if my puddle realizes its spot was taken over and it never comes back.

Okay weeds, if you don’t move yourselves I’m going to eat you.

Bongo munching on weeds

A few more bites and my puddle can return.


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No Self-Respecting Dog

Bongo sniffing something in the dirtA couple days ago strange things were happening on my trails. Squishy mud stayed around after the sun should have chased it all away. I picked up a lot of clues but I wasn’t able to get to the bottom of the investigation.

So I headed back out to look for more clues. And while I was investigating I found evidence of something else.

Somebody had dropped something right in the middle of my trail. No self-respecting dog would do this, and it’s a good thing you can’t see it very well in the picture because it’s not a pretty sight.

It’s full of juniper berries! Who would eat juniper berries? We get these things all over my yard and they don’t even smell good.

Juniper berries on the tree

Fortunately there was another clue to help me out. The smell.

I always suspected, but now I know for sure. Coyotes are not self-respecting dogs. If I ever find the coyote who did this, I’m going to give him what for for sure.

I might have to post a guard out on my trails to make sure those coyotes don’t mess them up again.

But there’s one more thing I’ve got to check first.

I’ve got to make sure they’re not drinking any water out of my puddles.

Bongo sniffing the water in a puddle

Nope, it’s all here. And it better stay here too.

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Draining Away

Bongo in the puddle looking at the drainage This is serious! Really serious! I don’t even have time to go home and get my Detective Dog hat. I’ve got to solve this mystery and do something about it immediately.

Do you see it? Do you see what’s happening? There’s a stream of water leaving my puddle and if I don’t stop it, that stream is going to take my whole puddle with it. Just when my puddle finally showed up again, it’s going to leave if I don’t do something quickly.



Bongo in the puddle looking at the water

I bet that stream is caused by the hole those boys made when they dug the dirt out of here. What can I do about it? Most of the dirt is missing now. It washed away when we had all that rain.

Bongo looking at water flowing into puddle

Wait a minute. What’s this? There’s water coming into my puddle. Where did this come from? I’d better check it out.

Bongo walking up the water flow

Look at this! This water is going to fill my puddle up more. If this keeps up I’m going to have a swimming hole here.

What, person? What are you saying?

No way person. We can’t leave yet. I’ve got to wait for my swimming hole to fill up.


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Into the Clouds

Sugarloaf clouded overWe’re going up where, person? To the top of Sugarloaf? But person, we hardly ever go up there and it looks like it’s starting to disappear. What happens to us if we’re up there and it disappears?

I’m not going up there.




You see this? There’s water here. There’s never water on my trails except sometimes when my puddle shows up.

Bongo exploring a little stream

You go and disappear on Sugarloaf. I’ll be up a creek if you want to find me.

Wait a minute. I said I was going up this creek. Where are you taking me? We never go this way.

A path up a hill

See person, you shouldn’t have gone this way. If that cactus hadn’t been there to stop you, you would have slipped all the way down the hill in that squishy mud. You didn’t get any pricklers did you?

Do you think you can pick those pricklers out at home?

Bongo looking rather wet

I’m feeling all washed up.

What!? We’ve got to keep going?


Okay, I think I’m in the clouds now.

Bongo on top of Sugarloaf

Can you see me?

You mean I haven’t disappeared yet?

Bongo looking like he's had enough

Good, because I’m ready to go.

Bongo with his leash tangled around a large rock

What do you mean, this isn’t the right way to go?


Hey, look at my puddle! Why didn’t we just come here? I’ve never seen it this deep before. Do you think the deepness has something to do with those boys who dug the dirt out of it?

Bongo wading in a large puddle

Hey person, stop taking pictures of me when I’m exploring.

You can take pictures of this instead.

The end of Bongo coming out of the puddle

That’s not fair. You didn’t take any pictures while I was jumping on you. You’re all muddy now, you know.

Bongo near a mini waterfall

I thought this was a dry wash.

Hey person, I bet you can wash all that mud off yourself here.

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Who Moved the Dirt?

Bongo in puddle spot with dirt  spread outOh dear! Why is my Detective Dog hat always so far away when I need it? And why have there been so many strange happenings on my trails lately?

I was sauntering (did I say that word? Oh yeah, VBP – see below) along my trails, taking my person for a walk and minding my own business. We were coming to the place where my puddle hangs out and I was feeling really disheartened (VBP) because my puddle’s been missing for a long time.

When all of a sudden, I stopped in my tracks. My puddle is surrounded by bare rocks, but it usually leaves some dirt behind when it disappears. But now the dirt was trying to escape too. Or maybe it was the rock trying to cover itself up.

Whatever was happening, it was really strange. I’d better get to investigating and see what I can find.

Bongo sniffing for clues

Hmmm. I don’t think the dirt or the rocks were responsible. What is it I smell?

Bongo sniffing the dirt

Does this smell like boys maybe?

Well, that’s not fair. If boys were digging here why didn’t they invite me? I like to dig.

I’d better go find them.

Yup, this is it. I’m picking up some more clues.

Come on person, we’ve got to get going.

Bongo at the edge of the dirt spread

I think they went this way.

I’ve got to make those boys put all the dirt back in the puddle hole so I can dig it out with them.


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The Investigation Continues

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onYesterday I, Detective Dog, was in the middle of an investigation when that strange stuff covering one of my puddles tried to steal my foot.

That stuff stole my main puddle and was working on my other puddle. I was looking for clues as to what it was and how I could get it to stop stealing puddles. I must have been getting close or it wouldn’t have tried to stop me.

Today was a much warmer day A good day to go out and continue my investigation. I took my person with me in case I needed someone to take notes. Yesterday there was some water left in one of the puddles that I could use to make marks on the rocks with – but who knows what I’ll find today.

After much trekking through my trails we finally arrived at the place where my puddles hang out.

My main puddle was missing – totally missing! And so was that strange white stuff. It had taken my puddle and run.

So I was a little scared to check out what happened to that other puddle. The one that had tried to steal my foot the day before.

But I did.

Puddle Missing Ice

And I discovered something really cool.

This puddle had won! It had managed to chase off that strange white stuff that had tried to steal it away.

I found a couple little pieces of the stuff, but it won’t have a chance against the puddle now.

And I can use it to further my investigation and maybe find out what happened to my other puddle.

Detective Dog does it again!

That stuff doesn’t have a chance.


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Who Stole My Puddle?

Bongo investigation iceI was walking along on my trails and getting really excited because I had almost come up to my puddle – and I love to play in my puddle.

But something had happened. What’s this stuff that’s covering up my puddle? Strange looking white stuff.

It’s cold. And it breaks into little pieces when I step on it.




Bongo stepping on ice

Somebody stole my puddle and put this breakable stuff here in its place.

I think it’s time to put on my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

Maybe I’d better investigate the other puddle. That might give me some clues.

Bongo on the ice in a puddle

Oh, no. Look at this! There’s strange stuff here too. But it doesn’t look the same as that other stuff.

I’d better take some notes.

What am I talking about? I can’t write. Where’s my secretary?

Hey, check this out.

Bongo breaking through the ice in a puddle

There’s water under here. I can make notes with this water.

Bongo dripping water as he steps out of ice puddle

Wait a minute. This is not good.

I went back to get some more note taking material and this stuff on the puddle…

Bongo's foot stuck in the puddle

stole my foot!

I need to end this post before I really get into trouble.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting adventure!

Detective Dog Finds His Foot!


Hey person, I’m really stuck here. Can you help me out?


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Fans on my Trails

Bongo sniffing in a snow patchToday was on the nippy side with a little bit of a breeze. It felt kind of like a fan blowing on me. A chilly fan. At least it wasn’t cold and windy with snow blowing in my face like it was a few days ago.

A few patches of snow still hung out around my trails and they had some very unusual scents in them. I had to stick my nose into all the indents in the snow. It was fun – until my person told me I’d smelled enough and made me leave.



Bongo stepping lightly in the puddle

I checked out my puddle too. It always seems to come around when there’s snow on the ground. My puddle felt very cold and it smelled a lot like those snow patches. I wished I’d had a blanket with me for my puddle. It could have used some warming up.

But here’s the best part. As we were walking along my trails we met two people. That’s not so unusual – we meet people on my trails all the time – but my person seemed to know these people. I’m still trying to figure out how my person knows all these people that I’ve never met, but she does.

But here’s the even stranger part. One of those people that I’ve never met before knew who I was, and she even knew my name.

And she gave me loves…

Bongo giving his new friend kisses

lots of loves.

She’s one of my fans who reads my blog.

I kind of like this meeting my fans thing – so I’d like the rest of my fans out there to please go for walks on my trails. And make sure you’re out there the same time I am. You can check with my secretary person for my schedule.

No person, I’m not letting this fan thing go to my head.

What do you mean I still have to pick up my own toys and make my dog bed?


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Mischief Failure

Bongo waiting outside in a puddleWe finally had our first snow of the season and I wanted to go out and play. But for some reason I couldn’t convince my person to come out and play with me. I think I even made up a new rule for Snoopy’s Mischief Master Class – Look Forlorn – but it didn’t work. I guess Snoopy doesn’t need to add that one to the book.

Finally, I convinced my person to go for a walk on my trails with me.






Bongo heading for the weeds on the trail

I think weeds taste better when they’re mixed with a little snow.

Bongo at the weeds on the trail

Yup, this looks pretty tasty.

Bongo chomping on weeds with snow patches

A little snow dressing. Definitely my preferred way to have my salad.

Okay, now I’m full. Time for a little exploring.

Bongo heading into a wash

Hey person, this looks like the best way to go today.

Bongo stepping into a puddle

Hey, this is delicious. Just what I needed to wash down those weeds.

Bongo enjoying the puddle

Come on in, person. The water’s fine!

I’m not sure why, but I don’t think my person wants to go this way.

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Missing Trails

Bongo in an empty parking lotSomething is strange here. There are no cars in the parking lot of my trails. This worries me. Yesterday there was a travelling Trails sign here in the parking lot and it’s gone. I think my fears have come true. Everybody followed that sign and now they’re walking on different trails. There’s nobody left here to give me loves. This is terrible!

Well, I’m going to go out on my trails anyway – sign or no sign. After all, they’re still my trails even if nobody else is on them.

At least, I think they’re my trails. Everything looks different today.

What happened to all the dust on my trails? It’s not here anymore. It’s vanished.

Bongo and some water across the trail

And look at this! My trails are leaking water. I don’t remember seeing water on my trails. Where’s all this water coming from? Is somebody crying? They must be very sad.

Bongo in a Puddle on the Trail

Look at this big wet spot – right in the middle of my trail. It’s cold too. Where did this come from? I don’t think this is my trail at all. Did my trails leave with that travelling sign? What am I going to do without my trails?

Cloudy Sky and Red Rocks

There’s something else missing. Where’s the blue sky? My sky is always blue. What happened to it?

Thunder Mountain with a little snow on top

Is there something strange about Thunder Mountain? Look, the color is missing on top. It looks like someone took a giant eraser and erased the color. Now it’s all white up there.

What am I going to do? What if that eraser comes down and starts erasing everything? It might even erase me!

Yikes! I’d better get out of here.

Bongo looking at a trail of water

Hey, look down there. Is that what I think I see?

Bongo in Puddle

It’s my puddle! You’re back, puddle! I think I finally figured out why my puddle leaves.

My puddle is shy. My puddle doesn’t like it when there are lots of people and dogs around.

Puddle, I think you’d better be careful though. A giant eraser is after us. If you’re not careful you might be disappearing again before you’re ready.

I’m on my way now.

Bongo sniffing muddy paw prints

Look at this! Somebody else has been here. There’s been a dog on my trails but he’s not here anymore.

I think that eraser got him.

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