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Bongo looking under a rockToday there wasn’t a single car parked by my trails.

This doesn’t happen very often.

I had to check under the rocks to make sure there were no cars hiding there.

But there weren’t.

And we didn’t see any people or dogs on my trails either.

I don’t know what happened to everybody.

But I think they were all erased.

Because I caught somebody in the act. Somebody trying to erase my rocks too, and they hadn’t finished yet.

Cloud covered rocks in the distance

Red rocks covered in clouds

I’d better be careful so nobody erases me.

Because my trails are extra fun today.

For some reason there are more puddles than usual.

Bongo looking at a puddle

I love splashing through all the puddles – and tasting them too.

And today I found something really unusual.

I hope they weren’t behind all that erasing, because I’ve never seen anything quite like them on my trails.

Maybe they’re here checking out what’s happening, and they’re here to help.

But what if they’re the cause of the erasures?

I think I’d better keep my distance.

Bubbles on red rocks

Watch out everybody.

Stay away from those bubbles!


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Where’s the Mud Puddle?

Bongo near vehicle covered with mudLook at this!

Here I’ve been struggling to find adventures lately and this vehicle must have been having all kinds of adventures.

I’ve never come off my trails looking like this.

I’ve been wet before – when I go on trails with a swimming hole.

But I’ve never found a mud puddle big enough to bathe me in mud.

I wonder where this vehicle found a mud puddle that big?

Can you imagine!?

I would be swimming in mud if I found the puddle that got this thing so muddy.

I bet that would be fun. Splashing mud all over the place.

I might even get a few drops of it on my people.

They’d look funny with mud all over them.

Their smiles would turn upside down and –

Oh wait. I can already see them grabbing me by the collar and pulling me out of my newly found mud puddle.

Guess I’d better be careful about the splashing part.

But where can this mud puddle be?

Maybe I can get some clues if I sniff around here.

Bongo sniffing near vehicle covered with mud


I think I might know where these smells came from.

Come on, person. Let go of my leash.

I’ve got to go find that mud puddle.


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Cactus or Puddle

Bongo, prickly pear cactus, and a little snowLook at this!

The only snow I could find on my trails today was being hugged by cactus.

I guess the cactus really likes the snow. It wouldn’t let it go.

Actually, I think it loves the snow. You see that heart on the cactus?

I put a heart on my blog yesterday for all of you, but I think this cactus is showing it’s affection for the snow.


Or maybe it loves me and the snow.

But my puddle has a different story to tell.

Bongo getting into and icy puddle

My puddle seems to want me to go away.

It grew some armor or something.

It’s all solid and crunchy on top.

But I’m not going to let that stop me.

Bongo in the icy puddle

Yikes! My puddle is cold inside.

I’m going to have to have a talk with my puddle.

Bongo in the icy puddle

Puddle, I think you need to get a heart like that cactus has.

And make sure it’s a warm heart.


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I Didn’t Walk in the Rain

Red leash on a towelPerson, I have no idea how this towel got out here under my leash because I wasn’t out getting wet in the rain.

No, I was a good dog. I spent all day while you were gone hanging out in my dog jail. You’re the one who let me out. You know I was in there.

By the way, that wasn’t very nice of you to send that nasty thunderstorm last night when I was stuck in my dog jail. I wanted to try to escape it. I couldn’t go anywhere.

I am not changing the subject. I was here all the time.


Can we go for a walk now?

I don’t care if it’s raining.

Toby wouldn’t let me go far enough to check on my puddle – I mean, I want to see how my puddle is doing. I haven’t seen it all day.

There’s some pretty cool waterfalls on my trails right now – I mean, I bet there’s some waterfalls right now with the rain and all.


What do you mean, you saw a text message between me and Toby on your cell phone?

What do you mean you know I went out in the rain and got all wet?

You have no business checking my text messages.

I don’t care if it was on your phone. You’d better get me my own phone.

Well, can we go for a walk anyway? You need your exercise, person.

Bongo drinking from a small waterfall

See, I told you there were waterfalls on my trails right now.

Bongo in a large mud puddle

Look what happened to my puddle!

It turned into a mud puddle.

Bongo checking out suds in the water

At least my puddle left some suds nearby. After I get all muddy I can wash myself off.


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Toad Migration

Bongo tied to a dead treeIf you’ve been following along on my blog the last few weeks you know that I found tadpoles in my puddle and then those tadpoles turned into little toadies.

And then somebody took my puddle.

But those toadies still hung around where my puddle used to be.

Every day when I’d go by there I’d see lots of little toadies hopping around where my puddle had been, but I never saw any toadies anywhere else on my trails.

Today, all that changed.

You see that area behind me?

Oops, I guess I’m blocking it.

red rock clearing

Is that better?

My person is standing near my puddle taking the picture

Today I found toadies almost to the end of that red rock clearing.

But then those toadies got stuck. They came across a humongous cliff.

No, not that thing way in the back of the picture. What the toadies found doesn’t look like much, but to them it’s enormous.

Two toads climbing a rock

Check out these guys – if you can find them. They kind of blend in.

One of these toadies is bravely making the ascent, but the other one looks stuck.

Toad at a cliff base

This one looks stuck too.

Right at the bottom of the cliff.

toad at the base of graduated rocks

This toadie might be a little smarter than the rest. It found stepping stones.

But check these next toadies out.

Toad peaking out from under a rock

Only one toadie really shows up in the picture, but believe me there are more toadies behind that one.

These toadies came to the cliff, decided it wasn’t worth climbing, and found a hideaway instead – right at the bottom of the cliff.

I tried to decide which was better – climbing the cliff to places unknown or hiding out at home with a bunch of buddies.

I guess some dogs will choose the cliff and some the hideout. We’re all different, just like those toadies.

But for me it didn’t take long to decide.

I started thinking what my blog would be like if I stayed in my hideout all the time.

It would be pretty boring.

So for me, it’s up that cliff – and off to adventure.

Here, I come!

Bongo, the Adventure Dog!

Do I need to get a new hat?


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Popular Puddle

Bongo tied to a treeThere’s really been a flurry of activity around my puddle lately.

First the tadpoles, then the toadies, then those mysterious tracks that I told you about yesterday. You know, the evidence of those strange creatures that took off with my puddle.

So today when we got to my puddle it had come back. Well, at least part of it was back.

I was so excited!


And you know what my person did? She tied me up again.

What now? The tadpoles are gone, and most of the toadies have hopped away.

Yeah, I know there’s still a few toadies around. I won’t step on them. I promise.

But today there was someone else near my puddle.


Butterflies in the mud near a puddle

And not just any butterflies. We had come across the Arizona state butterfly – the Two-tailed Swallowtail.

And those butterflies seemed to be getting pretty cozy.

Mating butterflies

Something strange was happening.

I wanted to go home and get my Nature Dog hat so I could investigate – but being tied up put a cramp in my style.

My person says these butterflies are supposed to lay single eggs on plants, but one of these butterflies seemed to be laying bunches of eggs in a mud hole.

I guess the other butterfly thought it strange too.

Two butterflies

He started dancing around. Maybe he was nervous.

But I think that butterfly beat around the bush – I mean around my puddle – a little too long.

Three butterflies

Because the competition showed up.

And now that my puddle has a butterfly party going on in it, I’m just wondering one thing.

Am I ever going to get to play in my puddle again?


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Not the Toadies

Bongo tied on top of red rocksA couple days ago I posted about all the mischief that was done to me.

Well, I think I have to make an apology.

It’s really hard for me to apologize. I’m usually such a perfect dog that I rarely have anything to apologize for.

But I think I might have made one little mistake.

You see, I blamed the toadies for taking off with my puddle.

But upon further investigation I discovered that it might not have been those toadies at all.

And now I have a real mystery on my hands paws.

I’m going to need to wear two hats to solve this one.

Detective Dog

My Detective Dog hat.

Bongo wearing his Nature Dog hat

And my Nature Dog hat.

Somebody left behind some evidence. And it doesn’t look like those toadies took my puddle at all.

I even found that the toadies were getting into the evidence to help me investigate.

But if I’m reading the clues right, this has got to be the strangest creature I’ve ever seen.

It’s got two different kinds of feet – one foot is a paw, kind of like mine. The other is a hoof.

And to make matters more confusing, there was a smaller guy hanging around with this creature. Maybe if I find the little guy it will give me a clue about that strange creature.

The only animal around here that I know of with a hoof is a javelina.

Javelinas are strange enough on their own, but half a javelina? Now that’s really strange.

And what’s the other half? Maybe a coyote? So what is that?

A javeyote? Or maybe a coylina?

That settles it then. That little guy I’m looking for must be a jackelope.

Animal tracks in mud


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Tadpoles and Toads

Bongo's paws in a puddle with tadpolesThe other day I discovered that something had invaded my puddle. Tiny tadpoles filled it and they were everywhere.

I wasn’t sure what would become of my puddle.

Notice I said my puddle. I had to convince those tadpoles that it was still mine and they didn’t belong there.

So I watched those tadpoles every day and I tried to talk reason into them, but it wasn’t doing any good.

I kept hoping the tadpoles would be gone, but every day when I showed up to visit my puddle they were still there.

Tadpoles in a puddle

Nothing I did seemed to do any good.

Until one day when I went to visit my puddle I found a tadpole leaving it.

Tiny toad with a tail coming out of the water

And the next day when I came back I found two of them out of the water.

Now to convince the rest of them.

Toad with a tail at the water's edge

This one seems a little confused. I don’t think it’s sure whether it’s a tadpole or a toad.

Come on buddy. You’re a toad. You’re a toad.

Toad on a rock

The next day I was really in luck. There were four little toadies hopping around on the rocks.

Two tiny toads in a crack in the rock

They even got stuck in a crack.

And today when I went back – well – there were still some tadpoles hanging out in my puddle.

Toad and leaves on a rock

But the rocks were alive with little tiny toadies!

Camouflaged toads

How many toads can you see?

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They’re Back

Bongo in a big puddleI’ve got a real mystery on my hands paws.







I’m going to have to put my Detective Dog hat on for sure.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There. I feel better already.

Oh yeah. I guess I’d better tell you what this mystery is all about.

About a week ago I told you about my puddle invasion.

My puddle had appeared after missing for weeks, but then I discovered it had been invaded by tadpoles.

Then both the puddle and the tadpoles disappeared, but when the puddle came back it left the tadpoles somewhere else.

For a few days now my puddle has been sticking around – just like usual. No tadpoles – just a puddle.

Last night we had a thunderstorm. It was really horrible, waking up in the middle of the night to all that thunder.

I wish it would leave me alone.

But I think tadpoles must like thunder.

Because today when I went out on my trails, not only had my puddle grown –

but when I stuck my feet into it …

Bongo's paws in a puddle with tadpoles

I felt these tickly things bumping into me.

Tadpoles in a muddy puddle

The tadpoles had returned.

And now it’s up to Detective Dog to figure out what those tadpoles are up to.

And what they intend to do with my puddle.


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Puddle Invasion

Bongo near a small puddleA few days ago I was walking on my trails minding my own business when I saw something that surprised me.

My puddle had come back!

Well, half my puddle anyway. But my puddle has been missing for months and months.

I don’t know where it disappears to, but it does that a lot.

It just gets up and leaves. And then it shows up again when it feels like it.


So the next day I was really curious.

Would my puddle still be there, or not?

I found the strangest thing when I got to the puddle spot.

My puddle was still there…

tadpoles in the puddle

but it had been invaded.

Dozens of tiny tadpoles filled my puddle.

Swimming, wriggling, and darting all over the place.

I tried to stomp them out…

Bongo's foot in the water with the tadpoles

but there were far too many of them.

They filled every little bit of my puddle.


I went back the next day not knowing what to expect.

And you know what I found?

Bongo and a dried up puddle

No puddle, no tadpoles, nothing.

My puddle had fled and taken the tadpoles with it.

I thought I might find one or two tadpoles wriggling around in the dirt, but there were none.


Then today when I went back I found the puddle again. Even bigger than before.

Bongo in a puddle

But the tadpoles were nowhere in sight.

I have enough trouble trying to figure out where my puddle goes when it leaves…

But where in the world would a puddle take tadpoles?


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