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Texting on the Trail

A cell phone and Bongo looking boredDo you see something wrong with this picture? Cause I sure do.

It’s hot out today. Really hot.

So what does my person do?

She dilly dallies on our walk because she’s texting.

Come on, person. I like my walks, but when it’s this hot out I just want to travel the trails and get back home where it’s cool inside.


But my person was really bad today because when she wasn’t texting she was taking pictures of really dumb things.

Fuzzy Caterpillar

Like caterpillars.

I don’t know what this caterpillar is doing in the middle of my trails anyway. Maybe turning itself into a tasty treat.

I’ve never tried fried caterpillars before.

That caterpillar didn’t look done yet, so my person found even more dumb things to take pictures of.

Red Berries


And I don’t think these berries are good for eating – even if they are cooked.

And by this time I’m just dragging.

I’m dying of thirst.

I think I’m going to drop any second now.

Bongo looking too hot

Did I do it?

Did I make you feel sorry enough for me?

I hope so, because somebody’s got to call the animal abuse people and turn my person in.

And while I’m waiting for those animal abuse people to show up I think I’ll go home to my air conditioned house and get a nice cool drink of water.

You can tell those people to look for me and my person there.

I’ll be home in about a minute.


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After a Rain

Bongo trying to go down another trailEarlier today we had a bunch of thunder and some rain, but things had calmed down.

So my person and I decided to go for a walk.

Because of the rain everything smelled fresh and good, and the rain and clouds had cooled the air.

Rather than sweltering in the heat like we’ve been doing the last few days, it felt refreshing out in the cooler temperature.

This was turning into one of the best walks I’ve been on in a long time.

But then it happened.

First it was just a few drops of rain.

I can handle that.

But then I saw it.

A big flash of lightning.

And you know what comes after that.


I hate thunder. I’m deathly afraid of it.

Fortunately we were right at the beginning of a trail heading into the wash.

And it was the opposite direction of that thunder.

It’s a cool trail too, because you have to climb over big rocks when you get into the wash there.

But my person didn’t get it. She said we weren’t going that way.

I insisted.

Bongo refusing to budge

I lost.

But that thunder kept getting worse. And it came from the very direction we were headed.

My person says we have to go through this stuff to get home.

But I’m sure we can still get home if we head in another direction.

Bongo digging in


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Ocotillo All Over

Bongo and OcotilloLast year my person and I took an extra long walk on trails that we hardly ever go on, because my person said that was the only place on my trails where the ocotillo grow.

Well, she lied.

Because we went on a trail that we sometimes go on – but the last time we went on it there was a sign on the part that goes back to our house saying it was closed. The sign said they wanted more cactus to grow on it – or something like that.

And besides that there were two people cuddling with each other this time.

I would have gone right up to those people and got some loves too, but my person said we could take the long way back.

The long way goes parallel (I don’t know what that word is – my person made me use it) to my regular trail, but it’s higher up the hill. My person says she hasn’t been on it in a very long time and I’m not sure if I’ve been on it at all. At least it doesn’t smell familiar.

So we were walking along on this long way trail and there they were.

Bunches of ocotillo just hanging out on the side of the hill.

Two ocotillo on the side of a hill

They were even blooming with their little red flowers on top.

Close up of an ocotillo plant

I’m still not sure why my person cares about these things though. I mean, look how tall and skinny they are.

Ocotillo in front of Sugarloaf

If I was that skinny my person would probably take me to the vet for treats and loves.

Ocotillo at the edge of Sugarloaf

I sure hope my person doesn’t try to take some of my treats and bring them up here to these ocotillo plants to fatten them up.

Ocotillo with trees in the background

I think I’d better head back home now so I can keep a close eye on my treats.

Oh no, I forgot.

Cactus Garden

There’s a tame ocotillo across the street at my neighbor dog Toby’s house.

Toby, quick! Hide your treats!


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Searching for Century Plants

Bongo near a century plantMy person and I went out on an extra long walk. A century plant trek.

We started out on the trail where most of the century plants were last year. We figured we’d find lots of them. Well, my person figured. I was just happy for the walk.

We found some century plants.

The old dead ones from last year.

But there were only a couple new century plants on this whole trail, and they weren’t even in full bloom yet.

So we headed back. The trail is a loop so we kept looking for century plants on the way back.

And then we found it.


Century plants on a hill

Century Plant Hill.

Century plants with sunlit rocks behind

There were lots of century plants on this hill. Last year there were only two.

Century plant against blue sky

Century plant with red rocks behind

Century plant with intense yellow and red colors

close up of century plant blossoms

If you look really close you can even see the bugs flying around the flowers.

Speaking of bugs, they were everywhere. Especially on my person because she doesn’t have lots of hair to protect her like I do. Those little “no see ‘ems” that come out this time of year were all over her arms.

So we headed back home.

Century plant against a cloudy sky

But my person still couldn’t stop taking pictures, even though the bugs were worse around the plants.

I thought maybe if I turned the color off…

Century plant silhouette against a cloudy sky

the bugs would go away. But they didn’t…

Century plant with Coffee Pot Rock in the background

so I turned the color back on again.

Century plants, trees, and Mogollon Rim

One last look at Century Plant Hill and we headed home.

Century plant with bird in a blossom

Come on, person. I said we were heading home. I don’t care if there’s a bird in that plant. You have to look really close to see it.

Well, if you’re going to stop and take pictures of birds, then you’d better show the picture of me…

Bongo and little white and black dog

and the new friend I made on the way to Century Plant Hill.

This part was way more fun than looking for century plants.


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I Like the Old One

Bongo on a short leashMy person is definitely the mischief maker today. You see, I had the perfect leash. Well, perfect would have been walking without a leash, but if I’ve got to walk my person with a leash, this one was the best. When my person tried to keep me from going out further on that leash, it didn’t work. That leash was definitely on my side. I could go get loves from people my person tried to keep me away from, and meet up with dogs I didn’t know yet. I mean, how am I going to add to my list of girlfriends if I don’t get a chance to meet any? But now, I have a new leash. . .

Bongo looking at the leash

Come on person, ease up! I’ve got places to go, smells to sniff, and people and dogs to meet.

Bongo tight on a leash and looking back

Can you give me a little more slack? You’re cramping my style, person.

Bongo on a tight leash looking at a distant dog

This is not good at all. That dog – you see that dog way over there? Well that dog came right up near me, and if I’d had the old leash attached to my person I would have been able to get to that dog and give him what for. He pretends he’s being friendly, but I know what he’s really thinking.

Wait a minute. It was because of that dog that I got my old leash working just right. I guess I’d better be nice to him next time he comes over.

Hey person, you’ve got to let me go. I’ve got to go tell that dog we’re buddies now.

I think the power of this new leash has gone to my person’s head.

She is such a mischief maker.

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Walk Challenge

Bongo following behind his younger personOver the weekend I took both my person and my younger person for a walk at the same time. That was really a challenge because I only had one leash and I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep both of them in line.

My younger person has been hanging out at his computer for most of his break from school, and I figured since he wasn’t used to our walks he’d probably stick close. So I let him go off leash.

Yeah, I know there’s a rule that all people are supposed to be walked on a leash, but sometimes a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do.

We headed out and the first thing I had to do was convince my younger person that we were not going on a little five minute walk. This walking stuff is serious business and he’d better get used to it.

Then, a little while later he wanted to stick to the trails instead of scrambling over the rocks like I’m used to doing. I don’t think he understood that you have to go over the rocks to get to my puddle. That route is non-negotiable.

When I started to head into the wash I was really afraid my younger person was going to run off.

Younger person looking back at Bongo

Don’t You Run Off!


I had to follow him and go the other way because I thought I’d lose him.

Younger Person, you’ve got to understand – I’m supposed to be taking you for a walk – not the other way around.

I think I’m going to have to teach my younger person to heel before we go out for another long walk.


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The New Raccoon

Bongo meeting a boy with a raccoon hatYesterday was a blustery, snowy kind of day and I didn’t want to be outside at all. But today was a different kind of day. The sun came out and the air was crisp and cool. The perfect day for a walk.

It’s a good thing today was a good walking day because I found an animal that I’ve never seen on my trails before. Today I made friends with a raccoon.

I didn’t know what to expect from a raccoon because I’ve never met one before.


The boy with the raccoon hat turning away from Bongo

At first he was kind of shy.

The boy with the raccoon hat running from Bongo

He even tried to run away from me.

Bongo, the boy, and his friends

But the raccoon’s friends tried to help. He didn’t seem to be afraid of them at all, even though they weren’t raccoons.

The boy with the raccoon hat patting Bongo's head

The boy with the raccoon hat patting Bongo's head

Finally we became friends. That little raccoon put his fear aside and patted my head.

Bongo and the boy with the raccoon hat playing

He even taught me how to play a game.

I had so much fun with my new friend today. I hope he’s just the first of a whole family of raccoons that I get to meet on my trails.

The boy with the raccoon hat

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