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Bongo looking under a rockToday there wasn’t a single car parked by my trails.

This doesn’t happen very often.

I had to check under the rocks to make sure there were no cars hiding there.

But there weren’t.

And we didn’t see any people or dogs on my trails either.

I don’t know what happened to everybody.

But I think they were all erased.

Because I caught somebody in the act. Somebody trying to erase my rocks too, and they hadn’t finished yet.

Cloud covered rocks in the distance

Red rocks covered in clouds

I’d better be careful so nobody erases me.

Because my trails are extra fun today.

For some reason there are more puddles than usual.

Bongo looking at a puddle

I love splashing through all the puddles – and tasting them too.

And today I found something really unusual.

I hope they weren’t behind all that erasing, because I’ve never seen anything quite like them on my trails.

Maybe they’re here checking out what’s happening, and they’re here to help.

But what if they’re the cause of the erasures?

I think I’d better keep my distance.

Bubbles on red rocks

Watch out everybody.

Stay away from those bubbles!


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Finding Clues

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onI’ve got some investigating to do.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of strange things on my trails the last few days so I’m going to start out right.

I’ve got my Detective Dog hat on already.

I’m ready to go.

So here’s what’s happening.

There’s a spot just off of one of my trails that has strange rocks piled up around a small clearing.


But my person won’t let me go investigate that spot because when we walk by there are people guarding it.

I’m not sure if they’re really people.

They’re probably aliens or something.

But since they’re guarding that place I’ve got to see if I can find some clues to what that place is somewhere else on my trails.

They had to get to that spot somehow, and that means they’ve probably left some evidence.

I’ve found some strange smells, but for some reason people won’t accept smells as evidence.

If they’d only improve their noses.

So I searched and searched for something my person could see.

And finally I found it.

Way off on a little side trail that hardly anyone ever uses, there it was.

Bongo by a pile of rocks and sticks

Whoever piled up those strange rocks in that other place must pile up rocks wherever they go.

Yup, they’ve been here alright.

Pile of rocks and sticks

Now that I know where they’ve been I’ve just got to figure out who they are.

But until I get to the bottom of this –

Don’t stop and talk to any aliens.


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Cloud Adventures

Bongo on the trailI headed out on my trails looking for adventure again today.

I was hoping for something better than I had the last time I went looking for adventure.

Last time I got attacked by that dog named Clyde, and even though neither of us got hurt it wasn’t the most fun adventure I’d ever had.

So I thought maybe I’d look for something a little milder this time.

Well, I guess I found it.

Mild, that is.

I didn’t have a single adventure on my trails.

Maybe looking for mild is not such a good thing. Next time I’ll have to pump it up a little.

But wait! I might not have had any adventures, but somebody else was having adventures all over the place.

The clouds were going wild.

Windblown clouds

Sugarloaf rock and windblown clouds

Trees, clouds and sun peeking through

Circle of the sun showing through clouds

Circle of the sun through clouds framed by trees

How’s that for adventure?



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A Sad Story

Bongo sniffing something on the trailHmmm.

Something’s here that doesn’t belong on my trails.

At least not this time of year.

It smells funny too. Not your usual trail scent.

And it’s colorful.






What's hiding in Bongo's shadow?

There’s not usually much color on my trails this time of year except for the red rocks and the blue skies.

I wonder how this strange stuff got here.

Colors are usually cheery, but this stuff seems to have a sad story behind it.

Maybe a cute girl was sniffing the funny smell and the wind came up and blew these things out of her hands.

Or maybe a boy was bringing these to a cute girl, but she’d gone too far on my trails and he couldn’t find her.

Or maybe these were meant to remember someone.

Oh wait – this is Sedona after all. Someone was probably using these to put an enchantment on my trails.

It’s a good thing I found them then.

Discarded flowers on the ground

No enchantments for my trails.

Unless it’s to enchant all the cute girls to come and give me loves.


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Sand Pile

Bongo near a sand pileCheck this out. Someone made me a sand pile.

I really don’t know what to do with it though.

Cats like sand piles. Maybe I should take it home to Scratchy.

Maybe he’d bury his claws in this sand and I’d never see them again.

Come on, person. Help me pick up this sand pile. We’ve got to take it home for Scratchy.


What do you mean, you won’t help me with it?

Well in that case…

Bongo's shadow over the sand pile

Maybe I can cover up this sand pile with my shadow.

I wouldn’t want any other cats finding it and stealing it.

But maybe I should figure out who made this sand pile in the first place.

Bongo sniffing near the sand pile

Hmm. Not much here.

There’s nothing that’s even worth smelling.

Bongo sniffing sand not near the sand pile

Yup, this smells better over here.

I think I’ll just check stuff out over here for awhile. Maybe a cat will show up and make that sand pile smell better.

Hey person, do you think we could go get Scratchy and bring him out to the sand pile?


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The Missing Walk

Bongo in the dry washI was really excited today because my person let me head up the dry wash.

I’m always trying to pull her up this wash and most of the time she says no and pulls back.

So I figured we’d get a nice, long walk today.

Well, I figured wrong.

We got a little way up the wash – a few feet, no more. And then what does she do.

She pulls out her camera.

She didn’t want to go on a walk with me. She wanted to take pictures.

And she picked the strangest things to take pictures of.

If she wanted to take pictures of me, that would be one thing.

But no, she wanted to take pictures of…

White flowers on a bush


Flower fairy

and fairies.

And this is the worst one.

catclaw seed pods

She took pictures of catclaws.

Couldn’t she at least have found some dog paws to take pictures of instead?

Bongo in the dry wash looking back

Hey person, I’m over here. Point your camera this way.

Now start walking.


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Biker Block

Bongo looking down the trail at mountain bikersHmmm. What’s going on here? My trail seems to be blocked.

And just when I was getting ready to head home.

After a nice, long walk I was so looking forward to a nap.

And now my trail is blocked. How am I going to get home?

What’s going on there, anyway?






Mountain bikers on the trail

It looks like mountain bikers, which is strange.

Mountain bikers don’t stay in one place. They’re always moving.

Why are they hanging around blocking my trail?

Are they doing it to me on purpose?

Did they say to themselves, “Here comes Bongo. Let’s block the trail?”

Mountain bikers stopped on the trail

Now I think I see what they’re doing. They’re trying to get that guy behind the tree to take a picture of them.

That’s even worse. Blocking a trail just so someone can take your picture.

Who wants pictures of themselves anyway?

I only like pictures taken of me when I get paid in treats.

Bongo with a mischievous grin and bikers in the distance

I’ll give those guys a treat if they keep blocking the trail.

But it’s not going to be the kind of treat I get when my picture is taken.


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Outside the Trail

Bongo sniffing in the bushesMy person was dinking around with her camera again, so to pass the time I started sniffing.

And I found a real treat.

Just a little ways off the trail I found another trail.

Not a people trail, but a trail just the same.

And this trail had some really great smells on it.

Smells that I don’t usually find on my regular trails.

Which goes to show you that if you sniff outside the trail, you’re likely to come up with some great ideas – I mean some great smells.

I hope my person messes around with her camera for a long time. I want to get my fill of what’s here.

Oh no, she’s done already. That wasn’t long enough.

Hey person, come over this way. There’s a trail here too.

What do you mean, there’s not a trail? There is too.

See, it connects up over here to this other trail. The one that goes down into the wash.

Try it, you’ll like it.

My person is just no fun at times.

Bongo being pulled back to the trail

She made me leave my secret smell stash…

And plod down the regular trails.

Just wait till she finds an off trail treasure of her own someday.

I’m going to yank my leash so hard she flies.


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The Slide

Bongo at the top of a natural slideMy trails have a well kept secret.

I’m really glad not too many people – or dogs – know about this, because my trails might get so crowded there wouldn’t be any room to move.

So here’s the secret. My trails are like a theme park – with rides and everything.

Well, at least one ride anyway.

You see, there’s a slide on my trails.

It slides right down into the wash.

When my younger person was a kind of little person he used to slide down this slide a lot with his friends. That was before I was around.

This is only the second time I’ve gotten to slide down it. The last time we were with my little friend who visits sometimes.

I don’t know why my person doesn’t take me down this slide every time. It’s right on the way home – if we go this way, that is.

So now that I’ve told you all about my slide, I guess I’d better go down it.

Bongo starting down the natural slideBongo heading down the gully of a steep hill

Your turn next.

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Strange Rock Behavior

Bongo sniffing a pile of rocksThere are a lot of rocks on my trails.

Big rocks and little rocks. Rock mountains and boulders.

Mostly they just hang out where they are.

Well, sometimes a bunch of tiny rocks will gang up on my person and slip right out from under her foot.

There’s one trail that she won’t let me take her down at all when it’s dry because it’s full of little rocks that like to do that to her.





But today, I found a few rocks doing something different.

Bongo sniffing another pile of rocks

They decided to see how high they can get.

I found two piles of rocks right next to each other.

Come to think of it, I saw some of those piles on our hike the other day – on different trails.

And my person says she’s seen piles in other places too.

So why are these rocks doing this?

Are they trying to top the next rock by seeing who can climb the highest?

Are they trying to get all the rocks to join them so they can become part of a rock wall?

Maybe they’re playing a new game. You know, like pig pile on – only it’s rock pile on.

Just when I was about to give up trying to figure out what these rocks are up to, I came across another rock.

And this rock had really strange behavior.

Prickly pear cactus with a red rock sticking out of it

I mean, who would purposely stick themselves into a cactus.

Usually it’s the cactus that sticks itself into someone.

Oh wait, now I get it. That cactus is sticking.

It’s sticking out its tongue.


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