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Food on the Table

Bongo near a table of foodI’ve got it all figured out now. All I have to do is convince my person there’s thunder outside and I’m scared to leave the house.

Sometimes I have to get Scratchy to growl – you know that low quiet kind of growl that cats do. And my person will think she’s heard thunder.

Then I get to go.

As soon as I hear the word car I’m out of here and headed for the car door.


I don’t care where we’re going as long as I get to go in the car – well, as long as it doesn’t end up at the dog hotel.

Today I really lucked out. I got to go to lunch.

Bongo at the table smiling

I really got excited when they brought the food to the table.

I couldn’t wait to see which plate was mine.

Bongo waiting patiently at the table

I waited patiently. It seemed like it was taking a long time for someone to hand me my plate.

My person got busy talking to our friends who were at the table with us.

I think she forgot all about me. They all started eating and talking.

Hey! Where’s mine?

I finally had to take things into my own hands paws.

Bongo sniffing the food

This one smells the best. It must be mine.

Do you believe it? They pushed me away and nobody shared even one little bite with me.

They ate all their food, and mine too.

Next time I come here, I’m having my plate served on the ground.


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Bongo not movingI’ve got a complaint, and I should have posted this for Monday Mischief, but when someone pulls mischief on me, I’ve got to post it when it happens.

You see, my person tried to tell me everything was fine outside. I knew it wasn’t but she made me go.

My neighbor across the street was in on it too. He said there wasn’t any thunder.

But I knew it was coming. The wind was blowing, the clouds were dark, and I knew I would hear that awful noise any minute.

It even started raining. I swear I felt a drop or two.

I took my person into my wash because it seemed like the safest place.

But then it happened. The wind picked up and I heard a rumbly in the sky. Not loud, but it still meant business in my book.

Bongo trying to climb the rocks

I tried to get my person to head the safest direction, but for some reason she wouldn’t go for it.

More mischief on her part, I’m sure.

Since my person wouldn’t go up that hill there was only one direction to head – and it led straight to my toadies.

And you know what my person did?

She pulled more mischief on me!

Bongo tied to a dead tree

She tied me to a tree.

Bongo tied to and tangled on a tree

She tried to tell me it was so I wouldn’t trample the toadies.

Bongo looking down from the tree he's tied to

I’ll trample those toadies alright.

They’re pulling mischief on me too.

They took my puddle.

Tiny toads in mud

There were little toadies hopping around everywhere that my puddle used to be.

They seemed to be settling in.

Toads in a mud hut

They even had little toad houses.

This mischief has gone far enough.

I’m having it out with those toadies right now.

Those toadies are going to have to move and give me back my puddle.


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They’re Back

Bongo in a big puddleI’ve got a real mystery on my hands paws.







I’m going to have to put my Detective Dog hat on for sure.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There. I feel better already.

Oh yeah. I guess I’d better tell you what this mystery is all about.

About a week ago I told you about my puddle invasion.

My puddle had appeared after missing for weeks, but then I discovered it had been invaded by tadpoles.

Then both the puddle and the tadpoles disappeared, but when the puddle came back it left the tadpoles somewhere else.

For a few days now my puddle has been sticking around – just like usual. No tadpoles – just a puddle.

Last night we had a thunderstorm. It was really horrible, waking up in the middle of the night to all that thunder.

I wish it would leave me alone.

But I think tadpoles must like thunder.

Because today when I went out on my trails, not only had my puddle grown –

but when I stuck my feet into it …

Bongo's paws in a puddle with tadpoles

I felt these tickly things bumping into me.

Tadpoles in a muddy puddle

The tadpoles had returned.

And now it’s up to Detective Dog to figure out what those tadpoles are up to.

And what they intend to do with my puddle.


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Walking’s not an Option

Bongo looking at the viewLately I’ve been wanting to go on a different trail – it’s a little longer than the way we usually go on my trails.

But my person always says she’s too busy, or it’s too hot, or she comes up with any number of excuses.

Today it was cloudy and cooler, and my person didn’t have bunches of stuff to do, so we got to go on that trail.

We were having a great time – until I heard it.


Over there – and that way too!

We were surrounded!

Person, why did you want to go on this trail? We could have been almost home by now.

There was only one direction to go – and my person wouldn’t let me go that way.

Okay, fine. Then we’re not going at all.

Bongo holding his ground

Bongo refusing to move

It became a game of tug of war.

Until my collar came off.

Then my person did something really strange.

She walked to the end of my her leash, sat on the ground, and started taking pictures of me.

Bongo reluctantly walking

I like the sound her camera makes. Eventually I walked to where she sat.

Bongo Profile

Then she moved back to the end of her leash, and made me walk to her again.

Bongo looking at red rocks

Bongo walking toward the camera

Then she did it all over again.

Bongo with a century plant in the foreground and red rocks in the background

Bongo walking, Thunder Mountain behind him

My person thinks I’m afraid of this thunder, but I’ve been thinking. Sometimes I complain too much when she stops all the time to take pictures. I think I’ll be nice to her today and let her take all the pictures she wants.

Coffee Pot Rock

Thunder Mountain

Century Plant and Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim

Sedona red rocks behind trees

Sedona red rocks behind trees

And just to prove I was doing it to be nice to her, when we got past the part with all the best scenery, I started walking with her again.


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Morning Treat

Bongo on the runFor the second day in a row I took my person for a walk in the morning – before that nasty thunder starts showing up.

And I’m finding there are extra benefits to going on walks this time of day.

Not only is it calmer and quieter – with no wind and no booming thunder – but this is the time that some of my friends are taking their people for walks.




Like my girlfriend Layla.

I hadn’t seen Layla in a long time and it was great fun romping around with her.

But since it had been so long she seemed to be a little shy at first.

Bongo giving Layla a nose kiss

I had to start out with a gentle nose kiss.

But soon Layla warmed up to me again.

And I got some really good loves.

Bongo getting loves from Layla

Woo woo!


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Changing the Time

Bongo behind a bunch of bushesMy person finally figured it out. If we go on our trail walk in the morning there’s no thunder.

And it’s quiet – and peaceful.

This morning there was no wind to blow the smells away. I had a great time exploring and finding new smells.

Of course my person – like usual – kept dragging me away from all the good smells.

And then my person – like usual – wouldn’t go on a longer walk.

The same old routine.

Well, I guess it wasn’t really. We went at a different time of day.

Usually this time of year we go in the evening – when the sun is getting low.

But the thunder has been rumbling then too.

Hey person, I don’t need this thunder thing on anymore.

I’m brave now. See, there’s nothing here to scare me.

You need to get up early every morning for our walks.

That way you can get your exercise.

Wait! What do you mean, you want your exercise now?

I’ll just be a few more minutes here.

Bongo sniffing behind bushes

What do you think walks are for anyway?


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After a Rain

Bongo trying to go down another trailEarlier today we had a bunch of thunder and some rain, but things had calmed down.

So my person and I decided to go for a walk.

Because of the rain everything smelled fresh and good, and the rain and clouds had cooled the air.

Rather than sweltering in the heat like we’ve been doing the last few days, it felt refreshing out in the cooler temperature.

This was turning into one of the best walks I’ve been on in a long time.

But then it happened.

First it was just a few drops of rain.

I can handle that.

But then I saw it.

A big flash of lightning.

And you know what comes after that.


I hate thunder. I’m deathly afraid of it.

Fortunately we were right at the beginning of a trail heading into the wash.

And it was the opposite direction of that thunder.

It’s a cool trail too, because you have to climb over big rocks when you get into the wash there.

But my person didn’t get it. She said we weren’t going that way.

I insisted.

Bongo refusing to budge

I lost.

But that thunder kept getting worse. And it came from the very direction we were headed.

My person says we have to go through this stuff to get home.

But I’m sure we can still get home if we head in another direction.

Bongo digging in


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Thunder Ride

Bongo looking scared in the  carToday was a good and bad day.

It was bad because thunder season has officially begun and I am deathly afraid of thunder. It’s not good. It’s evil. I’m sure it’s some kind of monster coming out of the sky to get me.

So I was cowering in the hallway while the thunder was going on, but at least my person was in the house with me and nothing bad has ever happened with the thunder while she’s been here.

Still, it’s scary.

But then my person tried to go out the front door.

I thought I had her trained not to do that. When I’m left alone in thunder I try to escape it by any means possible.

I guess I was right. I do have her trained.

Because my person got my leash and took me out to the car.

Through the thunder.

It was pretty awful, but at least my person was with me.

So we rode in the car for awhile until it stopped and I had to get out.

In the thunder.

Person, you know I’m really brave doing this for you. We could have just stayed home.

But you know where we went to?

My person took me to church.

Bongo in church

And there were all kinds of books full of stories.

No wonder my person never runs out of stories to tell me.

I’m going to have to get her to take me to church more often.

Wait! On second thought, I’d better check first and make sure it doesn’t thunder at church all the time.


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Unexpected Weather Day

Bongo in a puddle in the yardWhat a day! My person said it was going to rain today and I guess she was right. It’s been doing nothing but rain all day long. It’s not even a day I want to go out for a walk, and I usually take my person out in almost any kind of weather.

Well, except for that thunder kind of weather, that is.

We weren’t supposed to get any of that thunder stuff today. But I guess the clouds got tired of sending down rain because for awhile they sent hail…


Hail on the stairs

and then it thundered.

But awhile later those clouds changed their mind again. It started to snow. Really hard.

Bongo in the snow

That snow even stayed on the ground.

Bongo sniffing the snow

Okay, I checked it out. It’s really snow – even though we were only supposed to get rain today.

It’s cold, wet, and blowy out here. This is all the walk I need.

You mean I don’t have to drag you back home, person? You want to go home, too?

Move over, Scratchy. I’m taking over your warm spot.


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Not the Trails

Bongo in the StreetAre you crazy, person? I’m not taking you on my trails today. There’s thunder out there. And besides, it’s snowing and blowing and I only like snow when it’s on the ground and I can play in it.

Look, there’s no snow on the ground. What good is it if it’s not on the ground? Let’s go back in the house.

Okay fine. We don’t have to go back in the house yet, but I’m not taking you on those trails. We can walk around the block. Come on person. This way.


Bongo walking down the street

Besides, maybe some of my trail friend dogs will be around here. I know no self-respecting dog will be out on the trails right now.


This house is what? Who lives here? Kaiser? You told me you talked to one of Kaiser’s people and you’re going to let me meet him. You never let us get together when we see him on my trails. So what about it, huh?


What do you mean, we’re going home now. I had to give Kaiser what for – let him know who’s boss. Now we can be friends next time we meet.

But I’m not ready to go home yet. Kaiser’s cat comes into my yard sometimes. I’ve got to make sure he stays over here.

Person! Let go of my leash!

This is embarrassing. I couldn’t even go after a cat.

Where do you think you’re going, person?

We are still not going on those trails.

I’m taking you home.


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